Gaz Jemeel

Gaz Jemeel
What session are you currently in?:
2nd session
How did you hear about The Meisner Technique Studio and why did you reach out to study with us?:

I found about The Meisner Technique Studio in 2013 over the internet. At the time I was exploring different techniques of acting and I was pretty set on Meisner by then; however I couldn’t really find much on what it was. I saw two videos and was convinced beyond belief that this is where I’m meant to be where Sanford Meisner’s teachings are taught at the most authentic level, not just inside the classroom, but outside as well.

Describe your greatest fear(s) about either going after this and/or studying at The Meisner Technique Studio.:

The greatest fear is not knowing what you will learn about yourself.

Describe your feelings as you walked into then out of your very first day of class at The Meisner Technique Studio.:

I felt right at home. I had just moved to San Francisco two days before alone and was very disoriented in my bearings and how the city works. The second I walked in class to the second I walked out, I felt right at home.

Describe the greatest gifts/benefits this training has so far brought to you personally and professionally.:

The greatest gifts of this training do help me in class, but most of all affect me in real life. You’re enough. Don’t be good, be fearless. You can’t fake real. These are just some teachings I keep growing into in different ways. Professionally, what this training is instilling in me is what professionalism really means not just in industry, but in terms of what it means to be a craftsman in the industry. What it means to always be able to “bring it.”

Sanford Meisner was _________::


What is the one area that you as as a student need to improve upon?:

Personal areas of my life could still be improved so that make me healthy in life and do not bleed into the classroom.

Describe the most valuable thing(s) you’ve learned at The Meisner Technique Studio about going after your acting dreams.:

Dream big — don’t let your own self hinder you from dreaming or doing whatever it takes to live your dreams.

Describe the main obstacles(s) in your work.:

The main obstacle has been trying to be grounded as there are situations I may not have experienced or do not like experiencing, and so to become more grounded in my work is my main obstacle that also stops my instrument from expressing completely. It takes time, patience and lots of practice.

The best advice I can give a beginning student at the Meisner Technique Studio is_________::

Respect yourself and embrace the truth. It will bring a new sense of integrity in you and ground you in yourself and your work to always “bring it.”

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