Pamela Fellows

Pamela Fellows
What session are you currently in?:
Fourth Session
How did you hear about The Meisner Technique Studio and why did you reach out to study with us?:

I found The Meisner Technique Studio from good ole’ GOOGLE while living in San DIego. I was looking at schools in the Bay area while I considered moving up north with my family. From simply viewing the videos of Jim teaching I knew I had found my teacher and that this was where I was meant to go!

Describe your greatest fear(s) about either going after this and/or studying at The Meisner Technique Studio.:

I’m not sure I had many fears going in, most of my fears aren’t about the school process more about the what to do with it afterwards! So I guess my fear is having world class training and not using it to the fullest potential.

Describe your feelings as you walked into then out of your very first day of class at The Meisner Technique Studio.:

Gosh! I remember just feeling so engaged and in the right place. I felt so humbled to be sitting in the seats of many great actors who had studied with Sandy and completed that very same “First Day”. I felt very at home and like everything was in perfect alignment. Seeing the clear teachings in black and white, quotes on the wall of Sandy’s teachings rang true newly for me, though some were quotes and sayings I had heard before. I walked out being totally connected to “the moment” on a whole new level and had a whole new respect for what showing up for the new moment truly meant and is an opportunity to grow into in new depths of truth and presence.

Describe the greatest gifts/benefits this training has so far brought to you personally and professionally.:

Ok this isn’t even a fair question and I think this box is too small! All I can say is holy smokes HAWAII! I loved this training and Jim and Melissa before the 10 day Acting Intensive Retreat and OH MY GOSH the level of love, admiration and just gratefulness for these two human beings and this school just exploded from my time in Hawaii. This is not just a school to discover the craft of acting, this is a journey of truly connecting to my Self. The really big, free and true self artist I have known myself to be. Pairing the tools I had coming in to what I have learned in this school as a way to build craft, and build patience in truly developing myself in this way is priceless to me beyond words. This school and the teachings of Sandy, Jim, and Melissa pave a path to authentic, truthful expression as an artist. To me that’s pure gold!

Sanford Meisner was _________::

A leader of authenticity.
A truth teller.
Incredibly tapped in to the human experience.
An AMAZING listener!

Is there anything else you’d like to say or share?:

What I am present to from my experience so far in this training is truly an opportunity for revolutionizing the kind of work that gets out in the world and makes a difference with people. Bringing such a level of truth and integrity to “performance” if you can even really call it that, is an incredibly transformative experience for all people involved. So what I’m interested is how to do that. How do I be a student who brings this work to a large platform to share it and make it available to others? How can I support the vision for what’s possible in Sandy’s teachings to continue on in the work that I do? Who can I be while I’m a student in this training that can elevate and support the school and be of service? These are questions that interest me. How can I contribute back to what has contributed so powerfully to me?

What is the one area that you as as a student need to improve upon?:

Thinking bigger. Seeing where to stretch myself more and take those actions. Find new ways to get out of my comfort zone and do that work. Having a laser focus on what to work on and go after it! Organizing my time around big ideas!

Describe the most valuable thing(s) you’ve learned at The Meisner Technique Studio about going after your acting dreams.:

You have to get out of your own way. Sometimes you can’t see the path all you can do is take the next step. Your life is rigged in your favor so when opportunities come up say thank you and take the leap. Let go, let go, and then let go some more! LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Not to my monkey mind comments but to my gut. Keep remembering it’s not about me and look to where I can go bring that out to the world. It’s not really about not having the opportunities, it’s more about are we willing to step into them.

Describe the main obstacles(s) in your work.:

Popping in my head sometimes evaluating or noticing things (like during this session in accents comparing if I was sounding more British or Australian). Sometimes peaking into exercises or conversations before they happen.

The best advice I can give a beginning student at the Meisner Technique Studio is_________::

Trust the teachings and even more trust the teachers! And give yourself permission to be where you are. As Jim says, “Build the Boat” before worrying where to sail it or dock it. Just get both feet in the boat and not one foot in the training one foot on the dock. Jump in and build and know that you’re always at the perfect spot along the way.

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