What session are you currently in?:
How did you hear about The Meisner Technique Studio and why did you reach out to study with us?:

I was/am going through a major life transition. It was clear to me at this point that I needed to take my dreams into my own hands and stop making excuses and go. It became very evident that studying with The Meisner Technique Studio was the right fit for me and what I was looking for.

Describe your greatest fear(s) about either going after this and/or studying at The Meisner Technique Studio.:

That I would have to choose between family/regular life and this. I often feel like it can’t be done, being a single mom with two young kids. But with commitment, great sacrifice and a healthier perspective, I am definitely trying to make it happen.

Describe your feelings as you walked into then out of your very first day of class at The Meisner Technique Studio.:

I felt very old, that I’m starting too late. I was nervous to say the least. I felt a bit overwhelmed and felt like I should walk out, but I couldn’t and didn’t.

Describe the greatest gifts/benefits this training has so far brought to you personally and professionally.:

The freedom that comes with telling the truth and being truthful. The community and family of like minded individuals have also been easily one of the greatest things the training has brought me.

Sanford Meisner was _________::


Is there anything else you’d like to say or share?:

The work is there for a reason. Trust the work, do the work.

What is the one area that you as as a student need to improve upon?:

Breaking down my walls so that I may fully give myself over and truly be free.

Describe the most valuable thing(s) you’ve learned at The Meisner Technique Studio about going after your acting dreams.:

I am not alone and it can be done.

Describe the main obstacles(s) in your work.:

Fear of being/feeling weak and vulnerable. Striving for perfection when I should be striving for freedom.

The best advice I can give a beginning student at the Meisner Technique Studio is_________::

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Trust the work. Do the work.

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