Though we haven’t raised tuition in over a decade - 30% of our students need financial assistance.

In 2014 we established the JP MEISNER Foundation, a non‑profit dedicated to helping dreamers' voices get louder.

And because of people like YOU our program has been an enormous success.

Once a year we offer a paid internship to a graduate of the training who excelled at the highest level during their time with us as a student.

This year’s recipient of the JP MEISNER Internship is Santiago Rosas. Santiago began his internship on May 1st, 2015. In just a few short months he’s become invaluable to us. He currently handles all our video and editing needs as well as our social media outreach and he’s taking on new roles every week.

Santiago is an incredibly talented, dedicated actor whose dream is to bring live theater that empowers children to Hispanic communities.

This internship allowed Santiago to quit his day job but he took an enormous pay cut to do so. And even though we’re doing everything we can to provide as much work for him as possible, he could use more work and income.

So if you’d like to partner in helping this incredible dreamer’s voice get louder, you can do so in one of two ways (or both!):


    Here are a few things he does very well

    • Edit on Final Cut X
    • Research
    • Handyman
    • Private Driver
    • Housesitter
  • Make a Donation

    If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation for Santiago click the PayPal link below. 100% of the amount you donate will go directly to him and no one else. You’re the best! Thank you!

Here's How You Can Help

How it works

Any current student in good standing is eligible to apply.

The application process is extensive and the criteria for acceptance is twofold:

  • Financial need
  • Student's professionalism & commitment to their dream

Funds are matched to students in order of their acceptance.
When donations reach monthly tuition ($325), the current student receives the funds and the next student in line receives the next scholarship.

This is where YOU come in:

We’re looking for partners who’d like to help these beautiful dreamers. If that’s you, please make a tax deductible donation today for any amount.

Please contact us if you have any questions: regina@meisnerstudio.com

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