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*These Specialty Classes are only for Current Students and Alumni

The Business of Your Dream

The Meisner Studio is a professional class for our graduates who’ve completed formal training at The Meisner Technique Studio as well as our three-month professional class, The Business of Your Dream.

“Every hour of every day planes are landing at LAX from all over the world full of people beginning their dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood. And while those planes are landing just as many are taking off, packed full of people who’ve been crushed by that very same dream … and that’s because most actors, most artists are not very good at ‘the business of their dream.’ In fact, there is nothing more common in Hollywood than talented, out-of-work actors. This three month session hopes to change all that.”

Jim Jarrett has been making a living as an actor for over twenty years. Seventeen years ago he formed his own production company with Jon Labrie. After three films together, Jon was hired by Peter Jackson to become Chief Technical Officer for Lord of The Rings.

Soon after, Jim debuted his one-man show by Leonard Nimoy entitled Vincent. Twelve years later over a quarter million people have experienced Vincent at the premier performing art centers, museums and universities throughout the world.

This summer Jarrett was invited to bring his international touring phenomenon to Edinburgh, Scotland for The International Fringe Festival. At the Fringe – officially “the world’s greatest arts extravaganza” – Jarrett was nominated for “Best Actor – male or female – In A Solo Show” as well as “Best Solo Show.” Next up for Vincent is a European Tour in January 2009 as well as a run at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

In 2005 Jarrett wrote three children shows and is currently working to secure a one million dollar grant from Nike and Major League Baseball to embark on a nationwide, educational tour.

In 2006, the world premiere of Jarrett’s play, MEISNER, débuted at the historic Magic Theatre in San Francisco to critical and commercial success. From this exposure, he was signed by the William Morris Agency and they immediately brought MEISNER to Los Angeles where it played to sold-out audiences for its six-week run. Next, MEISNER heads to New York and is also being adapted into a full-length feature film produced by Jarrett Productions.

Jarrett is also Founder/Director of The Meisner Technique Studio located in San Francisco with teaching centers expanding to the Big Island of Hawaii, Florence, Italy and Sun Valley, Idaho. He is currently working on a reality show targeting HBO that will document his students and their training in The Meisner Technique.

Jarrett credits all his success to one very simple reason – he has aggressively addressed the business of his dream from the day he started, over twenty years ago.

The Business Of Your Dream 3 Month Session addresses the most important aspect of any artist’s career – the business of your career. This information is invaluable in major markets like Los Angeles or New York. However, it’s pricelessinformation for anyone choosing to live in a market like San Francisco, which requires an even more creative, aggressive approach to your career.

  • The Hollywood Food Chain
  • Creating A Career Living Outside Of Hollywood
  • Top Down – A Blueprint for Achieving Dreams
  • The Audition Process

The very first session sets the tone and is priceless information for anyone considering working in Hollywood at some point in his or her career. This session is all about “the game of Hollywood, the rules and how to play the game successfully.”


The session is for these who choose to have a career living outside of epicenter of acting and filmmaking because if you want to live in a market like San Francisco it will require an even more creative, aggressive business approach to building your career.


This session is a priceless roadmap, a blueprint to help you achieve any dream you will ever have. Jim has spent thirty years refining this concept and guarantees this information alone is worth the fee for the entire session.


Just as you now have an approach to the craft of acting you’re going to be taught an approach to the art and craft of auditioning because if you can’t master the audition process, it won’t matter how good your training is.
The Audition Process will teach you how to audition for commercials, television and film, as well as for the theater. As you grow we will videotape every session of your work while teaching you a cold-reading/audition technique that will literally change your career.

  • Cold reading technique
  • Pulling copy
  • Callbacks
  • Working with sides prior to auditions/callback
  • Headshots and Resumes
  • Taking “generals”
  • Commercials
  • Choosing and preparing audition pieces

Film Acting and the Meisner Technique

How do you match performance take after take and not violate everything your training stands for – working moment-to-moment from your gut?

How do you transfer two-years of “no blocking – no acting” and work within the very technical world of film? Because to say the least, working in front of camera is a completely different set of acting and technical skills than working on stage.

Film Acting and The Meisner Technique will give you the skill-set – and just as importantly, the confidence – to work technically in front of any camera and any shot situation that you will ever encounter.

This three-month session will accomplish these goals through a series of very specific “film acting exercises.” Each exercise will be filmed and then shown to you each class so your growth will be immediate.

The session will conclude by shooting a final scene of yours that will be edited and then screened for you.

The Meisner Studio

The Meisner Studio is a professional class for our graduates who’ve completed formal training at The Meisner Technique Studio as well as our three-month professional class, The Business of Your Dream.

The sole purpose of The Meisner Studio is to provide a home for our actors to continue to develop and grow into their training. The Studio is actually more of a gym than a formal class. Studio-members choose what they want to work on at all times – from work-shopping pieces they’ve written to rehearsing for their upcoming films, auditions and/or theatrical roles as well as “directing” their own productions. What they bring in and work on is entirely up to them.

To say the least, a tremendous amount of work has come out of The Meisner Studio. Members have booked dozens of roles after rehearsing their auditions and getting feedback from other Studio Members. The Meisner Studio has also been a birthing ground for feature films, screenplays and the smash-hit web series, TABLE ONE.

Hawaii Intensive Retreat

The Hawaii Actors Intensive Retreat is an amazing opportunity for our students and alumni to advance their dreams and careers while experiencing Hawaii in a most extraordinary and unique way.

The key phrase is intensive retreat because every day is filled with empowering personal and professional teachings from sunrise to sunset.

Breaking Down The Script / Doings / Making Strong Choices

Creating A Character From The Inside Out - Advancing Impediments & Accents

The Art Of Auditioning


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