Written Testimonials

Jim Jarrett and dear friend Jim Parrack with James Franco at opening night of Of Mice and Men on Broadway.
Jim Jarrett is as rare a man as you will find in our profession and our art form. As a teacher he is pure authenticity. His fidelity and reverence to Sanford Meisner is unparalleled by anyone teaching Mr. Meisner's approach to acting. Period. Without exception.
Jim Parrack Star of True Blood, Fury, Suicide Squad
  • Jon Voight
    "Jim is an extraordinary actor and teacher and his talent is enormous."
    Jon Voight Academy-Award Winner - at opening night of MEISNER
  • Bob Carnegie
    "Jim Jarrett represents everything Sanford Meisner stood for. He is a dear friend and colleague and I couldn’t recommend him as a teacher or his school more whole-heartedly".
    Bob Carnegie Founder / Director Playhouse West
  • William Alderson
    "Jim is a wonderful friend, actor, acting teacher, and a wonderful human being as well. We need more like him. And his show on Sanford Meisner is simply incredible! I literally thought I was watching Sandy. That's how incredible he is!"
    William Alderson Co-Director and Head of Acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse 1967 - 1986

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"The Meisner Technique Studio has been an absolutely priceless tool in my development as an actor. Truly priceless. The lessons he shared in class are still to this day, now almost ten years later, beautiful little landmines that hit at just the right moment teaching and guiding me again and again. The work that is created and shared amongst everyone in class has always and will always fuel me greatly. It is what keeps me going and in those times when I’ve wanted to give up and find an easier career with a straight path. It’s truly an honor to be a part of this family and I couldn’t ask for a more courageous, thought provoking, dedicated group of people to look to for inspiration."
Aubrey Davis Star of Hairspray, Catch Me If You Can and other International Broadway Tours
"I am forever grateful to Jim Jarrett and Melissa Thompson Esaia because they gave me the tools to be a more courageous, free, open, motivated, and empowered human being . Graduating from the 2 year training marks one of my finest accomplishments to date. I put more effort into the training than I have put into anything in my life because Jim and Melissa are incredibly nurturing and inspiring. Talk is cheap - and they back it up 100%. If you want to learn the craft of acting and truly have it mean something, look no further. Give yourself the gift of this training. It's truly the best around."
Luke Loving Criminal Minds
"Jim Jarrett is the best teacher I have ever had and the passion he has for teaching comes from his heart. Having trained with the best, he is the best teacher of the Meisner Technique. He makes the class a safe place to be real, to go where we as artists must go to work to be truthful.  Once you complete the course the confidence you feel is priceless. The confidence I've gotten from Jim Jarrett has given me a new beginning in life and as an actor. Never would I have thought I would have come this far with my craft."
Glen Caspillo Blue Jasmine
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Fall '18