Do not look at this picture

unless you want to laugh really hard! That’s me age 5 when I looked like monkey. Hey there,

Good morning and happy Sunday to you!

I am so incredibly grateful that my daughter is arriving from NYC today to spend the next six months with me. She and a friend drove out from the East Coast in four days (ahhhh too be 22 again) because she’s moving here to begin her career as an actor.

How blessed am I?!

What are you grateful for this morning? What one thing above all of your incredible blessings are you grateful for?

SUBECT LINE EXPLANATION NEEDED So before we start todays topic I need to explain last week’s subject line, “This is my last newsletter.” 

It was obviously not my last one.

I wrote that to test what all these “Newsletter Gurus” claim which is the more unique the subject line the greater the open rate. 

I never concerned myself with having clever subject lines. I figured since every single one of you signed up for these newsletters it wasn’t needed. I didn’t expect a 100% open rate every Sunday as we’re all busy but I assumed it would be strong.

And it is strong compared to the average for similar qualified lists. “They say” a good open rate is 20%. A great open rate is 35-40%. 

Every Sunday 60% of you read these so incredible, right?

Just the same I thought I’d test it and I figured a subject line of, “This is was my last newsletter” would be a good test.

The open rate jumped 22%!

MOVING FORWARD LET’S HAVE SOME FUN TOGETHER!  So just for fun I’d like you to start sending me your most unique, catchy, clever subject lines you can think of. If I use yours I’ll credit you at the top of that next week’s Newsletter and give you the open rate % so you can see how you did, ok?!

TODAYS REAL SUBJECT LINE: I had planned to talk about something I alluded to in last weeks newsletter which is my greatest fear that the next chapter of my dream is stirring up. But because of the length of subject line explanation I’m going to wait till next week.

Instead, todays will be short and sweet and it’s to announce that next Saturday at 10am I’d like to invite to join me and the rest of our Artistic Family for a free one hour Q&A Webinar with me.

You can ask anything you’d like so get your questions ready and the Webinar will last one hour.

WEBINAR DETAILS The details for particiapting are below and I hope to see you then!

And remember, send your Subject lines to me personally by hitting reply!

See you soon so until then my very best, Jim

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