I’m moving to LA!

…when hell freezes over.

Happy Sunday to you!

I am so incredibly grateful for yesterdays Webinar Q&A and for all of you who were able to be a part of it. The questions were wonderful and all the emails that followed were just as cool so thank YOU!

What are you grateful for this morning? What’s THE first thing that comes to mind? Whatever it is really take a moment to honor it.

It deserves it.

SUBJECT LINE UPDATE So last week my subject line of, “Don’t look at this picture” did incredibly well. It was the second highest open rate to date so clearly asking people not to do something inspires them to do it (it’s the little devil in all of us I suppose!).

Todays comes from our wonderful former student Lidiya Korotko so we’ll see how it does, Lidiya!  By the way, check out this wonderful talent: www.imdb.me/lidiyakorotko http://resumes.actorsaccess.com/lidiyakorotko

Today I’d like to share something with you that I alluded to in a recent newsletter – my biggest fear about what’s next in my career.

Before I do a little backstory.

A few years ago I had a talk with my daughter about the state of the world and all the problems we’re facing. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “It doesn’t matter. We’re all going to be gone in less than 100 years anyway.” I asked, ”What are you talking about?” And she said, “Uhhh, global warming.”

Now, whether you agree with her isn’t the point of why I’m sharing this with you. I’m sharing this because it broke my heart that my daughter felt this way about her future and in that moment I was determined to do something about it the most effective way I could.

For me it was to make a film I hoped would address climate change in a unique way.

I spent the next six months writing Talk Is Cheap – here’s a brief synopsis:

Mina Scott is a documentary filmmaker who is following popular talk radio host Damon Michaels for 48 hours. Hoping to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be one of the most powerful people in media, she instead finds a fractured relationship between an opinionated father and his alienated daughter, Nikki. Nikki is so sick of her father’s opinions that she declares she can accomplish more by not talking than her father ever could on the air.

At school the following day, instead of announcing her candidacy for Student Body President, Nikki announces that she won’t speak until the U.S. makes dramatic changes to its policy on climate change – and she encourages other young people to follow her example.

Over the next few days, smartphone videos shot of the incident go viral.  In private, Damon tries to convince her that she’s made a bad decision, while prosecuting the climate change case on his show.

By Day 8, what started innocently as an act of defiance by a kid towards her father has now grown into a world-wide “event” – fueled by young people finding their voice and power through social media and both sides of the climate change issue in full, raging debate.

There’s more of course but this gives you an overview of the ride.  What excites me most  about this film is this: there are over seven billion people on this planet. Three and a half billion of them are under the age of thirty making them the most powerful demographic on the planet and yet a great majority feel disillusioned and powerless about their futures.

Talk Is Cheap is a film with one very clear goal – to empower this generation by showing them what could happen if they united and used their voices to deal with the most important issue facing their futures -a climate changing in powerfully negative ways.

SO NOW BACK TO WHAT SCARES ME I’m shooting Talk Is Cheap in August and I don’t have the money yet to make the film!


The original budget was $1,000,000 but we’ll be able to do it for only $250,000 without any comprises because of lots of support from some very talented actors and crew.

But raising the money has definitely activated some fears for me. I am addressing them daily and getting healthier and more empowered by the day and I am positive I am going to do it.

TODAYS REAL SUBJECT LINE: A FAVOR OF YOU If it takes a village to raise a child then it also takes a village to make a movie and since you’re part of my village I sure would love your help.

I don’t want money from you. I’ll find that somewhere else.

What I want from you is simple. I want as much of your good thoughts, prayers and positive energy towards me that you can send my way.

That’s what I would love from you.

And one more favor.

I’ve written four cameos for Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart, and Charlie Rose. If you know how to get to any one of them I would be most grateful!

Here’s a link to the Talk Is Cheap WEBSITE so feel free to send it to any one of them 🙂

I always try to have these newsletters benefit you in someway so my apologies in advance for this one but I feel strongly that help is coming from you in some way so here we go.

As always, thank you for your time and support.

My very best, Jim

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