What I Learned Today

Being an actor is not easy. Being a healthy one is even harder. We experience rejection on a daily basis and often that triggers our insecurities…”Can I really do this? … Am I good enough? … They don’t like me…” It’s very unsettling and unhealthy.

At The Meisner Technique Studio we empower our students to be as healthy as possible about their work. So every time they put themselves out there – whether in class, at an audition, or on a film set, they are taught to ask, “What did I learn?” This way they’ll celebrate their mistakes and the process of growing into their craft, talent, and their dream instead of beating themselves up.

To honor this approach, each week we feature one of our students as they share “what they learned that day in class.” Below are some archives from recent weeks!

  • Andrew
  • Jennifer Greene
  • Elizabeth Leong
  • Dannie
  • Cesar
  • Genevieve
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