The Story of Jim and Sandy

At the age of twenty-five, Jim Jarrett was stumbling through his life wondering what he was supposed to do with it. “Find your passion” … “Live your dreams”… “Blah, blah blah” … Great advice when you know what your dream is, but when you have absolutely no clue, it’s depressing.

Jim went on with this soul-searching for the next three years. Eventually, he fiiiiinally got down on his knees and prayed. Hard … “Look, I have tried driving this bus called, ‘my life’ for twenty-five years and because you have blessed me with many gifts, I can drive it pretty far, pretty straight. But eventually, I crash it. Every time. And I’m sick of it. Really, really sick of it! I have become a mediocre person with a mediocre life and I can’t believe this is how I, or anyone, am supposed to turn out, so, I surrender. I have no idea what you want me to do, but I’m ready to do it. I’m yours … Amen … Please.”

Now most of us at some low-point in our lives have prayed a similar prayer. But this “bottom” was different from all of the “previous bottoms” in Jim’s life because, this time, his prayers were answered. Two weeks later, he went to a movie in San Francisco that changed his life forever.

The film was The Deer Hunter, and it absolutely blew Jim away. As time passed, he felt the impact more, so he went again, two nights later. Same result. Blowwwwn away. Except this time, it wasn’t the film that moved Jim; it was his realization — a good movie can actually impact people’s lives, and if it’s great, a movie can change lives. On that day, Jim Jarrett’s life changed forever, and he knew it. When he got back home that evening he called his girlfriend.

“How was the movie?” “I’m gonna be an actor.” “……….. Whaaaaaaat?” “I’m going make movies and I’m going to be an actor and you want to know the really weird part — I’m sure of it.”

They split up two weeks later.


New York City

Jim spent the next two years “setting the table” for his dream. Then, in March of 1987, at the age of 29, with no acting experience, he moved from Sausalito, California to New York City to begin his dream of someday becoming an actor.

Three weeks later, Jim had the biggest break of his career when he met with an actor who told him he should be studying with Sanford Meisner. Jim had heard the name but knew little else, so he went to the library to do some research.

The first article he came upon was from the front page of the New York Times dated one week earlier – “Sanford Meisner, who for over a half century has taught acting at the celebrated Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater here in New York City, was honored at the White House over the weekend for his contributions to the world of acting, theater and the arts … this partial list of his students serves as testimony to his influence and teaching brilliance: Gregory Peck, Geraldine Page, Grace Kelly, Joanne Woodward, Robert Duvall, Steve McQueen, Diane Keaton, James Woods, John Cassavettes, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Peter Falk, Jeff Goldblum, Mary Steenburgen, Susan Sarandon, Sydney Pollack, David Mamet, Mark Rydell – the list literally goes on and on.”

To say the least, Jim ran home, called information, and then dialed the number.

“Hi, I’d like to study with Sanford Meisner.” “Send a picture, resume and letter explaining why you want to study with him.” “I started three weeks ago. I don’t have a resume – I don’t even have a picture.” “Well then, write the letter.”



Jim and Sandy

He wrote the letter, and two weeks later he came home to the following phone message: “Jim Jarrett, Mr. Meisner will meet you tomorrow at 3:00 pm at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater. Don’t be late.” Click.

Jim arrived two hours early. At 3:00pm sharp, he was escorted into Sanford Meisner’s office for the shortest interview ever. As soon as he sat down, Sandy asked, “Why do you want to be an actor?” When Jim attempted to speak, a flood of emotion overtook him.

Sandy turned to his assistant and softly said, “Put him in the class.” “Sandy, that’s impossible. We have a three-year waiting list.” “Put him in the class!” he screamed! In that moment, Jim’s relationship with Sanford Meisner and his career as an actor began.

One month later, Jim was on the island of Bequia, Sandy’s summer retreat.

Jim 1987 on way to Bequia

Jim with classmates on boat to Bequia that would change their lives forever.

Sandy brought twenty actors per month to this small island in the Caribbean, over a three-month period, to study with him. From this group of sixty actors, twenty were selected to continue on in Sandy’s two-year professional class. Jim Jarrett was one of those twenty students.

Jim and Sandy 1987

Jim receiving his personal invitation from Sanford Meisner to become a student in Sandy’s professional, private class – June, 1987


Class Begins

On November 15, 1987, the first class after Bequia began, and with it, the most remarkable two years of Jim Jarrett’s life. He knew immediately something extraordinary was happening because, for the first time in his educational life, he was actually taking notes – writing down, every word out of the legendary teacher’s mouth.

Jim Jarrett 1987

Jim’s first headshot, 1987

One day, Sandy approached him and asked, “You’re lucky to get me at the end of my life, do you know why? Because after a half century of teaching acting I finally figured most of this stuff out and I speak so poorly you can write it all down. Why are you writing it all down?”

Jim wanted to say, “Yeah, because everything you’re saying is blowing me away.” Instead, he replied, “No, sir.”

A long pause, then Sandy smiled, turned and walked away.

On the last day of class, Sandy called each student over to say good-bye. By his turn, Jim was a mess. Sandy asked, “Why are you so upset? We’re not finished with each other. Now it’s time to work with me so when you’re ready to teach, you’ll know what the hell you’re doing.”

Stunned, Jim said, “Sandy, I don’t want to be a teacher. I want to be an actor.” Sandy smiled and said, “You’ll have to teach. You’ll have no choice. Do you know why?” “No, sir.” Again Sandy smiled and said, “You’ll see.”



Jim never hesitated and spent two years working exclusively with Sandy, both as an actor and teacher-in-training, then two more working as a teacher with Sandy as his mentor.

Jim and Sandy

Sanford Meisner & Jim Jarrett in 1991

After his six-year apprenticeship, Jim emerged as Sandy’s last teaching protégé and became one of only a handful of people in the world personally trained by Sanford Meisner to teach The Meisner Technique. The best part for Jim was that Sandy was now more than his teacher — they were family.

Sandy and Michelle

Sandy with Jim’s sister, Michelle

Jim and Jimmy

Jim with Sandy’s partner, Jimmy Carville

Acting Career

Jim in Los Angeles

Jim Jarrett’s early headshot

In Hollywood, Jim continued to teach while working his way up “The Hollywood Food Chain” — first in student films, national commercials, and eventually in guest spots on network series (including “Columbo” and “China Beach”). By the end of his third year, he was co-starring in movies-of-the-week, as well as in independent and feature films.

But Sandy’s teaching ran too deep to ignore: Sandy had instilled in Jim the larger principles, purposes and potential impact of the art and craft of acting. So Jim formed his own production company in 1993, to concentrate on work he felt could more strongly “stand for something.” He left Los Angeles, relocating to the island of Hawaii where he remained for four years. During that time he raised his young daughter, taught acting, made his own films and grew as an actor himself.

Ironically, it’s while living in Hawaii that Jim had the second biggest break of his career. One of his former students sent him a play entitled, Vincent, with the following written on the cover, “This play was written for you.” Jim went back to his studio and read it. An hour later, he called Mr. Nimoy, the playwright, and secured the rights to produce the show himself. From there, Jim spent the next two-and-a-half years simply working on, what he knew was, the role of a lifetime.



In October 1996, Vincent opened in Kona, Hawaii with SRO crowds for the entire six week run. From this exposure, Jim was invited by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore to perform at their newly renovated theater in Sun Valley, Idaho for the Christmas holidays. People were sitting in the aisles as word of mouth spread throughout the resort town.

Bruce & Demi

Jim’s invitation to Idaho

Jim has toured ever since, and now, twenty-two years later, Vincent has become one of the world’s most successful and respected touring productions — playing to over a quarter million people in the world’s premier performing arts centers, museums and universities.

Jim as Vincent

Jim plays artist Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo

In 2008, Vincent was the smash-hit at The International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Competing with over 3000 shows per day, Jim played to sold-out houses throughout the festival. The prestigious FRINGE STAGE AWARDS also nominated Jim “Best Actor in a Solo Show” from over 30,000 performers as well as “Best Show.”

Jim Jarrett in Edinburgh, Scotland

With his daughter Kyla at The Stage Awards

Besides touring Vincent throughout the world, Jim also tours three shows for children -Manners Matter (K-5), “The worst thing about me is…” (Middle School), and a powerful, few-holds-barred, rabble-rousing “commencement speech” entitled Graduation Day: Now what am I really supposed to do? (High School). All three shows embarked on a nation-wide tour, and Jim is currently working with his agents at William Morris Endeavor to adapt his kids’ shows into a television series.



Jim’s most popular project presently is MEISNER. It all began in 2004 when Jim was invited to The International Theater Festival in Manila to perform Vincent and give the Keynote Address. The Festival’s theme was ‘Theater’s Greatest Influences,’ so Jim was asked to speak about the time he spent studying with Sanford Meisner.

While there, Jim spoke before an SRO crowd, doing his best to bring Sandy’s passion and integrity to life, impersonating him and recreating the most memorable moments during his time spent with the master teacher. When he finished, the audience was so inspired by “Sandy” that hundreds of people poured forward to thank Jim personally for introducing them to a man whom thirty minutes before, most had never even heard of.

Overwhelmed by the response, Jim left the hall with a new idea – he would introduce the world to Sanford Meisner.

Jim Jarrett as Sandy in Meisner

As he began to tackle this goal, Jim finally realized the true gift of having written down everything during his four years with Sandy. He would not just teach from these notes or tell stories about him, but he would literally bring Sandy’s genius to life by portraying him onstage for new audiences.

Poster from Meisner’s World Premiere

MEISNER debuted its World Premiere at San Francisco’s historic Magic Theatre in August 2006 and was a critical and commercial success. Next, it moved to Los Angeles and was the smash-hit of the summer season, playing to sold-out crowds for the entire six week run. MEISNER has returned to Los Angeles every year since and has sold-out for 52 consecutive performances.


“I wouldn’t have thought it was possible but I was literally taken back to Sandy’s classroom through your incredible play and talent. I wept throughout with gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve created.”Mark RydellAcademy Award winning Director of On Golden Pond, The Rose, Cinderella Liberty


Ongoing Projects

Also in 2005 Jim made good on a promise he made to Sanford Meisner many years before — he opened The Meisner Technique Studio in San Francisco to establish an acting school dedicated solely to the teachings of Sanford Meisner. The studio also also has teaching centers on The Island of Hawaii and in Sun Valley, Idaho. He also teaches his Actors Intensive-Retreats & The Business Of Your Dream intensives in these two locations.

In June of 2012, Jim launched MEISNER TRAINED — a weekly teaching series he released online documenting his students as they go through their training. To date, over a quarter million people have viewed these teachings and that number is growing every week.

Within the last year, Jim adapted his play on Sanford Meisner into a television series entitled CRAFT about dreams, dreamers, and the price of the pursuit of fame. It is a one-hour dramatic series that captures the struggles of an actor in the 50’s in New York City while studying with Sanford Meisner, the most demanding, talented, and passionate acting teacher alive. This was exciting, intoxicating, vibrant, as well as heartbreaking and soul-breaking. And that was daily.

Jim is targeting HBO as his partner in sharing CRAFT with television audiences world-wide.

Jim Jarrett is represented exclusively by: Clint Mitchell Senior Vice-President William Morris Endeavor 9601 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 285.9000

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