My Thank You Present For You

My Thank You Present For You

Good morning and happy Sunday to you!

I am so incredibly grateful for the honor of helping students who care grow into their dream and this week, I had a blessed week of it – from a first session student who has struggled every single class who finally had a breakthrough (you should have seen his smile) to watching two of our beautiful graduates get the chance to fly as they starred in the opening of our play, Sea Marks.

Two very different experiences for a teacher but the exact same feeling – enormous gratitude for the opportunity to help people who care.

Who and/or what are you grateful for on this beautiful morning? If you just skip over this and don’t take a moment to answer this question you’re missing out on a wonderful present to yourself and who doesn’t like presents?!!!

On Saturday I offered a free Webinar as a way of saying thank you to this wonderful artistic community for all your help in finding my daughter a place to live in New York City (she’s settled and thrilled and so am I, thank you!).

This Webinar was a fun one and we had lots of wonderful questions with a wide-range of topics covered but so many of you reached out prior saying you couldn’t attend. So today’s newsletter is the recording of it in hopes it helps you grow more and more into your dreams – whatever your dreams are.

Here’s the link – https://vimeo.com/186095722 – and the password is thankyou.

And as always, thank you for hanging out with me every week. I really appreciate it.

I’m sending you my very best.