Who changed your life forever?

Who changed your life forever?

Hey there,
Happy Sunday to you.

I saw a young girl yesterday in a wheel chair and it was clear, she’ll never walk again. I’m grateful beyond words that I can walk and even more grateful that my daughter can.

I’m also extremely grateful for this young girl reminding me how blessed I am.

What are you grateful for right now?

Today I’d like to talk about what honestly believe is the whole point of this human experience – to figure out why we’re here and to bring forth those gifts and be of service to others.

In fact I believe the greatest thing we can do in our lifetime is to help, serve, and elevate others.

To mentor people who want what we have.

If I hadn’t been an actor I would have been a college basketball coach. The reason was because in high school I had the honor of playing for a legendary coach, John Fitzgerald.

His impact on me (on all of us) was enormous. He turned us from boys into young men and taught us the value of work ethic, hustle, commitment, and never giving up.


He changed my life forever and I will forever be in his debt for what he gave to me.

When I was in my 20’s trying to figure out what to do with my life I seriously entertained becoming a coach because of Coach Fitzgerald. It wasn’t about coaching basketball or the games. Instead, it was the opportunity to mentor young people and inspire them to be better.

Basketball was simply the backdrop for what I really wanted to do.

But instead I chose acting. Or I should say it chose me. And I have no regrets. It was exactly what I supposed to do and be.

And now a quarter century later, my career as an actor and teacher fulfills all the reasons I wanted to be a coach which was  to mentor and be of service.

And it’s all  because of my greatest mentor, Sanford Meisner.

Besides my parents and sisters, Sanford Meisner was the single greatest influence in my life. He saw something in me, pulled me up, made me better, and made me believe I could actually do this.

He gave me my career and the chance for my wildest dreams to come true.

Who changed your life?

Who saw you?

I mean reeeeealy saw you and got you and inspired you and because of their belief in you, changed you? And made you better?

Do they know their impact on you? Have you told them lately, thanked them lately for all they gave to you? If you haven’t then I say today is a beautiful day to let them know.

And call instead of emailing them if possible.

Once you reach out to them please go to our Facebook page and share with us who they are/were and how they helped you – GO HERE.

One more question.

Who can YOU reach out today and mentor, help, and elevate? Let us know who that person is as well.

I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day and as always, thank you for spending time with me.

My very best,