Jim Jarrett
Founder / Director - The Meisner Technique Studio
Melissa Thompson Esaia
Assistant Director
"Your profession is not your job.
Your profession is what you're put on this earth to do with such passion and intensity it becomes spiritual in calling."
Vincent Van Gogh

If that’s how you feel about being an actor we’d like to help you.

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"Jim Jarrett is the closest you'll get to experiencing the genius of Sandy Meisner." Jon Voight,
Academy Award Winner at opening night of MEISNER

5 Cool Things for you and your dreams

I love this picture. It's of me at a time in my life when I was over-whelmed with my dream. I had walked away from the career I was building in Hollywood to move to Hawaii to take two years off and raise my baby. Some days it seemed like a good idea but I had other days where I thought I had lost my mind. And I definitely had days where I thought I had lost my career.  This picture was from one of those dark days. I remember feeling so lost, scared, and confused as I walked that beach. I also remember lots of prayers and tears as I walked.  As I look back on that time it was the greatest thing that I ever did - as a man, a father, an actor, a teacher and a dreamer. I just wish I'd known that everything was going to be ok so I could have relaxed and enjoyed it all so much more.  So please relax and trust that you are exactly where you're supposed to be and if you do the work and walk the talk then  as Sanford Meisner once said, "Someday time will catch up with you and your dream and it will all come together."

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