Your profession is not your job.
Your profession is what you're put on this earth to do with such passion and intensity it becomes spriritual in calling
Vincent Van Gogh

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Jim Jarrett is the closest you'll get to experiencing the genius of Sandy Meisner. Jon Voight,
Academy Award Winner at opening night of MEISNER


The Meisner Technique Studio has a very clear goal - our graduates are the finest trained actors in the Meisner Technique - not only in the Bay Area, but the world.

Lecture Series

We Are Thrilled To Provide A Series Of Talks For Our Students From Top Industry Professionals. Here’s Just A Few From Recent Years

  • Mark & Tracy Pellegrino

    Mark & Tracy Pellegrino

    MARK: Star of Lost, The Big Lebowski, National Treasure

    TRACY: Director of The Last Train, Strangers in a Strange Land, Something Else

  • Barrie Osborne & Jon Labrie

    Barrie Osborne

    Barrie Osborne & Jon Labrie

    Barrie: Academy Award Winning Producer of The Lord Of The Rings & The Matrix

    Jon: Chief Technical Officer for Weta Digital

  • Jim Parrack

    Jim Parrack

    Star of True Blood, Fury, Suicide Squad

  • Jason Scott Lee

    Jason Scott Lee

    Jason Scott Lee

    Star of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, The Jungle Book and the upcoming Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend

  • Quinn Redeker

    Quinn Redeker

    The co-writer of The Deer Hunter - the film that forever changed Jim Jarrett’s life. It was a wonderful evening at the Meisner Studio when Quinn flew in as the guest of honor for Jim's 25 year anniversary party.

  • Nancy Hayes

    Nancy Hayes

    Nancy Hayes

    One of the most respected casting directors in the Bay Area for decades, Nancy Hayes of Hayes Casting

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  • From Academy Award ® Winning Producer of The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix, Barrie M. Osborne

    Talk Is Cheap

    a Jim Jarrett Film
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  • Jim with Leighton Meester and Jim Parrack on the set of MEISNER


    a full-length feature film by Jim Parrack

    coming 2016!


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  • The 3rd Annual

    Sanford Meisner Film Festival
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  • 24 Hour Film Festival

    Check out the amazing films our students and alumni created in just 24 hours!

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  • Boyan talks about what he’s finding is critical for preparation.

    "What I Learned Today"

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    • ACT 2

      From Jarrett Productions, along with 8-time Emmy Award winning producers Planet Grande Pictures, comes ACT 2, a weekly documentary series where former athletes, models, comedians and musicians learn the craft of acting in the world's toughest acting class with one of the world's most respected acting teachers, Jim Jarrett.

      January 15th / 16th & 22nd / 23rd
      - Playhouse, Los Angeles
      Meisner - by Jim Jarrett

      An original full length play about the theatrical legend, from Jim Jarrett

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    • Jim Jarrett
      Leonard Nimoy's
      Vincent - by Leonard Nimoy

      Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008 Nominee
      Best Performer In A Solo Show & Best Show

      Passionate. Spellbinding.British Theatre Guide A wonderful evening of theaterLos Angeles Times A truly beautiful theatrical experienceNew York Times learn more
      Spring 2016 - San Francisco, CA
      Summer 2016 - Hawaii
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Jim's Blog

Join Us Every Wednesday As Jim Shares The Keys To A Path Of Acting Success
How to get your first agent as an actor? Blog 1 of 3 on Actors and Agents

The real question should be, “How do you get your first agent that is right for you?” So many actors finally get an agent only to start searching for a new one six months later. Today Jim shares why and how to avoid this mistake.

Next week Jim addresses, “How do you build a successful relationship with your new agent?” And Blog 3 is, “How do you leave your agent in the most professional way?”


So how do you get your first agent? What do you look for?

One of the things I discovered early on was that it’s really easy getting an agent, but the key is finding the right one for you and for where you are in that stage of your career is THE key.

Now, what do I mean by that?

If you’re early in your career with hardly any credits whatsoever, you don’t want to be signing with a huge agent like William Morris or CAA. Instead you want to try to find somebody that’s young and hungry like you. And the truth of the matter is a new actor with very little credits, not much experience, no SAG card or maybe just SAG eligible – that actor can get lost in the system with a large agency.

The bottom line is you’re very new in your career and you need to find an agent who’s ahead of you and where you are so that you can grow into them. The part you’ll have to embrace is unless they really grow with you, in a very short time you’ll probably outgrow that first agent pretty quickly.

Now that’s a good thing, because the reality is a really solid agent is probably not going to want to represent you (that’s nothing personal and it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t). Typically it’s hard to get the attention of an agency that’s further up when we’re way down “here.” They have clients they’re repping who are much further along than you and are much easier for them to sell.

So, the topic of the day is how do you get that first agent? The best way to find that first agent is through a referral. The best way to get into any door is to get an introduction through somebody who knows the agent you want to be with.

So what are we saying? Getting an agent is actually fairly easy. Getting the right one for where you’re at in your career, that’s the tricky part.

Again, the criteria for what the right agent is – it’s one that’s ahead of you, but not so far ahead that you’d get lost in the agency because they’re busy promoting people with much stronger credits, relationships, and tape, etc. I know it’s a dance and it can be tricky.

Let’s recap:

  1. Get a referral from somebody who’s already with the agent.
  2. Do your research and find out the agency’s reputation in the area, what their strengths are, but not so far ahead of your career that you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

This topic will be a three-part series, so we’ll talk more about it soon. As always, we’d love your feedback and comments and I look forward to it.


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