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The Meisner Technique Studio has a very clear goal - our graduates are the finest trained actors in the Meisner Technique - not only in the Bay Area, but the world.

Sanford Meisner & Jim Jarrett c. 1991

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Kick Ass Auditioning Tips Part 2 of 5

Kick Ass Auditioning Tips Part 2: Do you get nervous at auditions? Here’s how you can get rid of those nerves!


Hi everyone,

Here we are, Part Two of the audition process and last week we talked about nerves, right? And where those nerves come from – it’s a desire to be good and book the job. But now let’s give you some skills, some tools to deal with that.   It’s pretty hard to talk yourself off the ledge when you’re on the ledge, when the nerves are already full blown. You want to deal with it prior, even the night before, but definitely the morning of. Get to the audition early so that you can sit in your car, not in the lobby. Just sit in your car and do whatever works for you in terms of a process to deal with those nerves.

Mine would go something like this: “I release all desire to be good. I can care less about booking this job right now. All I want to do, all I care about is to walk into that room and take it over with freedom and truth. That’s what I’m going to do. And if they like it, terrific. If they don’t, I’ll learn something from it and I’ll go again. I release all attachment to this outcome.”

Now you can say these mantras over and over, but you really have to be rooted in this and in that process. I’m a big believer in the power of this mind and visualization so when I work with our graduates on big auditions (after we coach them up to a skill set level where they know what they’re doing), now what we do is we deal with that part – the mental, emotional part.

I guide them through a process that they are already aware of as they’ve gone through our training here, but to just reconnect them to being as healthy as possible and envisioning that outcome. You watch the Olympics – a world-class skier runs the perfect race down the hill in his or her mind before the run. Or take Tiger Woods…he used to be the most mentally, disciplined, focused athletes I’ve ever seen and he would literally visualize every shot, but, you know, he’s been replaced because he’s gotten cracked open.

But you watch Jordan Spieth and these other world class performers, athletes. You watch what they do. You watch how they rehearse this perfect result. So the perfect result I want you to start working on in the audition process is coming out of that room with your hands over your head just celebrating your freedom. How much fun you had!

If you have that be the beacon, the target, the end result, trust me, your callback rate and your booking rate will increase dramatically. Now that’s assuming you have craft.



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