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The Meisner Technique Studio presents the training exactly how Sandy wanted it Brick by Brick Step by Step Pure Legitimate Authentic

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"Your profession is not your job.
Your profession is what you're put on this earth to do with such passion and intensity it becomes spiritual in calling."
Vincent Van Gogh

If that's how you feel about being an actor
we'd like to help

From founder / director Jim Jarrett:

"The Meisner Technique Studio is for anyone passionate, professional, dedicated and ready to take their dream to a whole new level."

If this is you please Watch this Welcome Video .

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Jim Jarrett is the closest you'll get to experiencing the genius of Sandy Meisner. Jon Voight,
Academy Award Winner at opening night of MEISNER


The Meisner Technique Studio has a very clear goal - our graduates are the finest trained actors in the Meisner Technique - not only in the Bay Area, but the world.

Sanford Meisner & Jim Jarrett c. 1991

Do you truly wantsuccess as an actor?

Join me once a week as I address the heart and soul of being an actor with a dream.

And the best part is its free to you

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Really Cool Stuff

Besides formal training in the Meisner Technique, we offer a myriad of other opportunities for our students to grow.
  • Hawaii Intensive Retreat
    Hawaii Actor's Intensive Retreat
    Get Healthy! Get Empowered! Spend 10 Career Changing & Life Changing Days With Jim in Hawaii
  • Film Festivals
    We have 2 annual Film Festivals to have fun and healthy competition
  • Lecture Series
    Garret Dillahunt
    Star of Deadwood, The Mindy Project, No Country For Old Men, & Hand Of God was a recent guest of ours. He was amazing!
  • Scholarship Program
    Once a year we offer a paid internship to a graduate who excelled at the highest level during their time with us as a student.
  • Our Actors at Work
    Take a look at what our actors are up to
  • Student Testimonials
    Actor headshot of JOHN LAVETTE
    See what students are saying about us
  • What I Learned Today
    Today we are sharing a "What I Learned" video from Tyler Jones. This video was shot on the last day of Tyler's first year and in this video he shares some beautiful thoughts about what he learned.
  • Table One Webseries - If this booth could talk
    Check Out Our Smash-Hit WebSeries


    (if this booth could talk)

Upcoming Cool Stuff

  • From Academy Award ® Winning Producer of The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix, Barrie M. Osborne

    Talk Is Cheap

    a Jim Jarrett Film
    learn more
  • Jim with Leighton Meester and Jim Parrack on the set of MEISNER


    a full-length feature film by Jim Jarrett

  • ACT 2

    From Jarrett Productions, along with 8-time Emmy Award winning producers Planet Grande Pictures, comes ACT 2, a weekly documentary series where former athletes, models, comedians and musicians learn the craft of acting in the world's toughest acting class with one of the world's most respected acting teachers, Jim Jarrett.




    An Introduction into The Meisner Technique - Spring
    May 16, 2016 - Jun 9, 2016

    An Introduction into The Meisner Technique
    Jul 21, 2016 - Aug 15, 2016
  • Fall Three Month Session

    Sep 12, 2016