Jim Jarrett with Jim Parrack with James Franco at opening night of OF MICE AND MEN on Broadway.

Jim Jarrett is as rare a man as you will find in our profession and our art form. As a teacher he is pure authenticity. His fidelity and reverence to Sanford Meisner is unparalleled by anyone teaching Mr. Meisner's approach to acting. Period. Without exception.

Jon Voight and Jim Jarrett at opening night of MEISNER

Jim is the closest you’ll get to experiencing the genius of Sanford Meisner. He is an extraordinary actor, teacher and his talent is enormous.

Jon Voight - Academy-Award Winner
Bob Carnegie
Bob Carnegie Founder / Director Playhouse West
"Jim Jarrett represents everything Sanford Meisner stood for. He is a dear friend and colleague and I couldn’t recommend him as a teacher or his school more whole-heartedly".
William Alderson
William Alderson Co-Director and Head of Acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse 1967 - 1986
"Jim is a wonderful friend, actor, acting teacher, and a wonderful human being as well. We need more like him. And his show on Sanford Meisner is simply incredible! I literally thought I was watching Sandy. That's how incredible he is!"
Mark Rydell
Mark Rydell Artist Director of The Actors Studio from 2002 - 2017 and Academy Award Winner.
"I studied with all the greats - Strasberg, Stella, Bobby Lewis, Kazan - none of them taught like Sandy. Sandy was a true, artistic genius. And that's why I feel so grateful to know Jim and to have witnessed his incredible talent as an actor. I wept throughout the night as Jim does the impossible - he literally brings Sandy and his classroom to life. Bravo my friend and thank you."

Artie Shase
Artie Shase Actor
I'll just say that by the end of it, there wasn't a whole lot I couldn't bring out of me. I learned from the inside out to give myself permission to express myself without holding back.
Rae Lane
Rae Lane
By far, the best investment in myself I have made.  I had no idea what acting truly was until I attended this school and finished the program.
Santiago Rosas
Santiago Rosas Actor / Student
For any dreamer out there that has been contemplating where to study to further their dream, I encourage you to look into the Meisner Technique Studio.
John Hamil
John Hamil
Jim Jarrett is an incredible acting teacher and if you’re serious about this craft then look no further. Jim Jarret is a master teacher and there is a reason why Sanford Meisner chose him to carry on the Meisner legacy.
John Lavette
John Lavette
Jim has given everything he has so that people like me can feel the joy of personal discovery and self revelation.
Danilo Koenig
Danilo Koenig Actor / Student
Those of you about to embark on this journey, I envy you. You are in the hands of two people that with all their heart and soul, care!
Glen Caspillo
Glen Caspillo Blue Jasmine
The confidence I've gotten has given me a new beginning in life and as an actor. Never would I have thought I would come this far with my craft.
Misty Day
Misty Day Actor / Student
Not a day goes by that I do not recall the teachings and benefit from all I learned. You will grow as an actor, you will grow as a human being.
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Actor
If you truly believe in your heart of hearts that the one thing you were put on this earth to do was to be an actor, then the Meisner Technique Studio is the only place you should consider attending.
Truc Nguyen
Truc Nguyen Actor
Are you ready to commit to learning an incredibly complex craft, show up for yourself in this high quality of training and be supported by an amazing teacher in the process?
Pamela Fellows
Pamela Fellows Actor
This school is a treasure and gift. It is also a beautiful representation of what it is to truly learn the Meisner Technique, which I assure you goes well beyond being "an acting class".
Joel Roth
Joel Roth
It is no exaggeration to say that I have been blessed by friends and achievements that I scarcely dreamed possible when I walked into my first day of class.
Larry Dorsey Jr
Larry Dorsey Jr Actor, Comedian, Radio Personality (106kmel #iHeartMedia), Content Creator
The Meisner Technique Studio taught me how to be a better human being, how to feel deeper, how to love with intensity. It transformed my life, and for that, I am forever grateful
Ron Bullock
Ron Bullock Actor / Student
I've taken acting classes for years prior to this and never felt near the growth and life changing transformation this school has brought me.
Theresa Stewart
Theresa Stewart Actor
I will GUARANTEE that there is no other Meisner acting school within 100 miles of this studio that would give you the experience that I have had
Michael Crate
Michael Crate Actor
Somedays in class, I can feel Sanford Meisner in the room watching all of us students try to figure out these amazing teachings he created. I hope he is proud
Steve Lee
Steve Lee Actor / Student
The key to success in this program is openness and dedication. For those serious about learning the craft of acting, I can't think of a better place to study.
Cristina Paez
Cristina Paez Actor
The gifted teachers at the Meisner Technique Studio meet you where you are, and then lift you up to the highest standards of integrity, discipline and truthful being through acting.
Marie-Noelle Marquis
Marie-Noelle Marquis Actor, Filmmaker
Jim is one of very few who was trained by Sanford Meisner to teach the Meisner Technique which was really important to me. I'm forever grateful I studied here and have had the mentorship of Jim Jarrett.
Amaru Davis
Amaru Davis
I've learned how to really listen, to read people and pay attention, how to be free, what makes me tick, how to work on a character, what to look for in a scene, how to be truthful, and what it takes to call yourself an actor.
Svetlana Uscocovic
Svetlana Uscocovic Actor and Model
Each session I think 'It can't possibly get better than this' and then the next session comes. I've grown more as a person in the last year with Jim and my classmates than I ever have
Connie Chen
Connie Chen Actress, Singer
Within two months of completing the business class, I've booked 3 speaking roles; 2 TV pilots (one for NBC) and an independent film. Lucky? Yes, partially. But I pursued this on my own for 5+ years when I was younger and more "marketable," and never booked this much.
Eric Burke
Eric Burke Actor / Student
I came to it a bit later in life, and thank goodness I did. I now own my dream and support it with a solid acting technique as a foundation.
Antonio Forenza
Antonio Forenza Actor
If you have the time, commitment and passion to dedicate to this journey, you will experience incredible growth as an actor and build resilience as a human being.
Allee Gette
Allee Gette
When I say that this training changed my life, I am not exaggerating in the slightest. I went into this training expecting to learn how to act, but I left it transformed as both and actor and a human being.
Kelly Burk
Kelly Burk Actor
I was riveted from day 1 and have never worked so hard in my life... Not only did this teach me how to be an authentic actor it taught me how to be a more authentic self.
Hazer Ozcan
Hazer Ozcan Actor and Model
I am having hard time to find the right words to describe because this place is more than just an acting school. It became home to me. I owe so much to this school.
Lucas Alves
Lucas Alves Actor / Student
I have tried other ways of working, but none have had such an effect on me. Jim teaches with all his heart EVERY class.
JOHN HURST Actor / Writer / Student
I have no hesitation in saying that Jim has made me a far better artist, and more importantly a far better human being.
Alicia Mason
Alicia Mason Actor
I learned to build a character truthfully and honestly. One the biggest things I took away from this program is the power of my imagination and how it can transform the roles I go out for
Jyoti Swamy
Jyoti Swamy Actor / Student
This training has released every fearful bone in my body, and I can proudly say that mentally I am ready for whatever obstacle or challenge my future holds.
Mia Vazquez
Mia Vazquez Actor / Student
Jim taught me the structure, the foundation building, and the step-by-step process of how to make my dream a reality. I'm so empowered and thankful.
Carolé Acuña
Carolé Acuña Actor / Student
This is a life changing, thought provoking, school of life, art, relationships, and limitless growth, surrounded by people who eventually become family.
Heather Danielle
Heather Danielle Actor / Student
Jim has given me so much. He teaches with passion, kindness and unwavering standards. I feel so blessed to have been a student here.
Annette Oliveira
Annette Oliveira Actor / Student
The best, most comprehensive acting schooling I've experienced. If you want to inject truth and spontaneity into your acting, this is the place to be.
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones Actor
If you're looking to instill true craft in yourself, and willing to work harder than you ever have before while putting your ego aside in order to fully obtain the teachings; then this is the school for you.
Marie Hom
Marie Hom Actor
I can call myself an actor with confidence but most importantly I have confidence in myself to pursue whatever I wish to accomplish in life because of this school and the lessons I've learned here.
Nancy Degnan
Nancy Degnan Actors / Access
This studio is my home. Here, I discovered I am an artist. I discovered I have a voice that deserves to be heard. I discovered my dream.
Ashley James
Ashley James Actor, Filmmaker
The world needs fearless artists willing to dig deep, listen to their instincts, and stand firmly in the truth of their imagination, this is what Jim Jarrett teaches at the Meisner Technique Studio.
Meghan Vinova
Meghan Vinova Actor
To be honest, this training was more intense than my Masters program (and that was tough as hell!) You get what you give and my class put in the work.
Kathryn Acker
Jim’s inspiration and creativity are endless. His passion for teaching is unmatched. He is sensitive and understanding of the fact that each student learns differently. As Sanford Meisner would say, each actor has their own unique “instrument.” And Jim would be able to cater his teachings uniquely to each student’s needs.
MICHAEL FARNIA Actor / Student
If you're serious about the craft of acting and are committed to your dreams, rest assured that your search has brought you to the right place.
Melodie Casta
Melodie Casta Actor
I would advise anyone who is truly passionate AND committed to attend this school. I can say without a doubt that there is no other place like it.
Aubrey Davis
Aubrey Davis Star of Hairspray, Catch Me If You Can and other International Broadway Tours
The Meisner Technique Studio has been an absolutely priceless tool in my development as an actor. Truly priceless. It is what keeps me going
Amber Glasgow
AMBER Glasgow Actor / Student
If I had a list of words that come to mind when describing Jim, I would say: committed, supportive, caring, and consistent. He really know what he's doing.
Jessica Freitas
Jessica Freitas Actor Student
If you want to be an actor, a talented, competitive actor, then the Meisner Technique Studio is the first step on the Yellow Brick Road.
Briana O’Connor
Briana O'Connor Actor
I've grown incredibly bonded to my class and the entire rest of my artistic family, including other students, alumni, and special guests that come to see us at the studio.
ROBERT WALKER Actor / Student
You will learn to love who you are. You will be the most authentic version of yourself. You will be surprised how well you can work as an actor.
Naja Rose
Naja Rose Actor
Jim's guidance and wisdom and Sanford Meisner's genius joined together will teach you what it takes to be an actor with truth and depth and how to manage and transcend fears and insecurities.
Edwin Richards
Edwin Richards Actor / Student
You will see some truly memorable work from your classmates and you will probably surprise yourself with what you are capable of.
Julio Amando Lopez
Julio Amando Lopez Actor / Student
If you are really serious about becoming an actor and that's your dream and goal, then I recommend you take the gift of training with The Meisner Technique Studio.
Tessa Rae Evelyn
Tessa Rae Evelyn Actor / Student
This school and its rigorous schedule taught me passion, patience, and to pursue my dreams. I could not have asked for a better experience.
Luke Loving
Luke Loving Criminal Minds
If you want to learn the craft of acting and truly have it mean something, look no further. Give yourself the gift of this training.
Deborah Cortez
Deborah Cortez Actor
Don't be like me! Don't think too much about it, just go for this training at The Meisner Technique Studio, and you'll come out a much better actor and person
Emily Blackwell
Emily Blackwell Actor / Student
You will be a different person, a better person by the time you're done. You will be able to call yourself an actor and have it mean something.
Peter Ramirez
Peter Ramirez Actor
If you're serious about giving yourself the best shot at becoming the best actor you can be and have respect for acting this is the place for you.
Ngoc Le
Ngoc Le Actor
One of the most important things that I take away from my training is that I've learned how to have fun and be mentally healthy about my work and the business of acting. This industry is TOUGH but I am tougher.
Abbey Moyer
Abbey Moyer Actor / Student
Jim is a wonderful teacher and has great passion for what he does. This class was absolutely life changing in so many more areas than just acting.
Richard Wyatt
Richard Wyatt Actor
Jim Jarrett's commitment to teaching the Meisner Technique as true to Sandy Meisner's genius as possible preserves this legacy. Show up, work hard, commit, and be free - you will not regret it.
Ami Pagel
Ami Pagel Actor
This training will push you to become a better, healthier, and professional actor AND person. It's night and day how I have transitioned as a person through this journey.
Matt Barrera
Matt Barrera Actor / Student
Without any exaggeration, with what I've gained artistically and personally, this school will be the only reason I propel anywhere in this profession!
Jillann Morlan
Jillann Morlan
I am confident, free, and able to tackle any curveball that comes my way in auditions because of the craft I honed while at The Studio.
Olga Szpiro
Olga Szpiro Actor / Student
Come here and your life will change. This is a beautiful, passionate family, and I am grateful for every minute I have spent in this place.
Gina Won
Gina Won Actor / Student
Absolutely, hands down one of the finest acting programs in the country if not the world. I can't recommend The Meisner Technique Studio enough.