About Us

Welcome to the Meisner Technique Studio.

You have a dream of becoming an actor, yet you’ve been told how difficult it is.

Ready? It IS that difficult. In fact, being an actor has been called the most competitive profession on the planet for a reason. It is extremely competitive. So if you truly want your acting dreams to become a reality, you need to be able to compete at the highest level. And for that to happen, you need world-class training.

The Meisner Technique Studio is world-class training.

Our sole purpose is to give you a rock-sold foundation so you’ll have the best opportunity to realize your wildest dreams.


Sanford Meisner created a way of working that has produced a more prodigious “Who’s Who” of alumni than all other top teachers combined. We present Sandy’s teachings exactly how he wanted them presented.

This training is not an acting class, workshop, intensive, or improv class. Those are helpful and have their place. They allow you put your tiptoes into the shallow end of your dream and at least begin.

The Meisner Technique Studio, however is the opposite of this. It is world-class training for those who are ready to dive into the deep end of their dream, for those who want to take their dream to an entirely new level, and for those who do not want to waste time and money.


We accept people who have never acted in their lives alongside those with extensive training. We provide a nurturing, supportive place for you to learn and grow. Our alumni have the following in place:

  • A foundation of craft so solid you’ll be able to work at the highest level, opposite anyone, in any medium – film, theater, television
  • You will be able to call yourself an actor, and it will truly mean something because you’ll know what you’re doing, how to work, and how to fix it when it’s not working. And the best part is you won’t need us
  • You’ll have a whole new standard and respect for what it takes to say, “I’m an actor.”


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