Half my job is to bring you together with yourselves so you can make peace with who you really are. Because as long as you care what people think about you, you will never step into your true talent.
- Sanford Meisner


The Meisner Technique is all about truth, freedom, and authenticity. At the base of the Technique is Sanford Meisner’s core belief: acting is the ability to behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances. At The Meisner Technique Studio, we strive to uphold the same standard for the craft of acting that Sanford Meisner instilled in each of his students. To that end, students cannot be late for class or miss class. We expect the highest level of commitment from our students and vow to respect their time and efforts with world-class training. 


All classes are full at The Meisner Technique Studio. We are currently interviewing for our next available First Session class. 


All classes are currently full.
We are now interviewing for the next available beginning classes - dates and details below:

At The Meisner Technique Studio, we present Sanford Meisner’s teachings exactly as he intended.

  • Acting classes meet twice a week for three hours
  • Class size is always kept small to guarantee individual attention every class
  • All classes are taught by Jim Jarrett
  • You must be invited to return after each session, ensuring the highest quality experience

The Meisner Technique Formal Training

Instructor: Jim Jarrett

The Formal Training presents Sanford Meisner’s teachings exactly as he intended, taught exclusively by Jim Jarrett, Sanford Meisner’s last teaching protégé.

  • Class meets twice a week for three hours per class
  • $1500 each 3 Month Session
  • Six three-month sessions
  • Class size is kept small, and students must be invited to return after each session

Introduction to the Meisner Technique

Instructor: Maeve Montgomery

The Introduction to the Meisner Technique offers a simplified approach to the foundation of the Meisner Technique

  • Class meets once a week for three hours per class
  • $600 each 3 Month Session
  • Two three-month sessions
  • Students who excel and wish to move forward with the formal training will be given priority status to study with Jim in the Formal Training


You are welcome to audit the first two classes of the first session, but after that, no auditing is allowed. This was Sanford Meisner’s policy as well, and his reasons were clear:

  • First of all, this truly is a technique, with each class taught brick by brick. If you were to audit a class without the benefit of experiencing all the teachings and technique leading up to it, the content would be extremely confusing.
  • Secondly (and equally as importantly), due to the depth and sensitivity of the work, Sandy felt it was inappropriate and disrespectful to the students to have strangers dropping into their classes. That said, Jim created MEISNER TRAINED, an online teaching series of over 70 videos of Jim teaching and the work at various stages. This teaching series is a wonderful chance to experience a more in-depth glimpse of the training and is free of charge.


All students interested in enrolling must interview with Jim Jarrett. Interviews can be conducted online via Zoom or FaceTime. 

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Below is a list of upcoming key dates:


18-26: Thanksgiving Break


2-3: 24 Hour Film Festival

6/7/8/9: Fall Session Ends



8/9: Winter Session Begins

6/10: “Introduction to the Meisner Technique 2” Class Begins

10: “Introduction to the Meisner Technique 1” Class Begins

MARCH 2023

1-11: Spring Break

APRIL 2023

4/5/6/7: Winter Session Ends

9/10: Spring Session Begins

JUNE 2023

28/29: Spring Session Ends

JULY 2023

5/6: Summer Session Begins


20/21: Summer Session Ends

24/25: Fall Session Begins


21-25: Thanksgiving Break


13/14: Fall Session Ends