An Important Question For All Dreamers

An Important Question For All Dreamers

Hey there,
Good morning and happy Sunday to you,

I’m really grateful for my week with all of you. Last week’s newsletter generated another round of strong comments and so many of you shared so many beautiful things with me. And I am better for it and because of you.

What are you grateful for about your life?

In this very moment?

Take a moment and answer that question.

It’s a gift if you do.

The theme from last week’s newsletter was work ethic and resiliency. This week’s theme is the opposite side of that positive coin – the negative side of work ethic and resiliency. A place I’ve hung out a lot in my 30 years of going after my dream.


A few years ago I was in Los Angeles giving a talk to a group of actors. It’s one of my favorite things to do. In fact, anytime I have the opportunity to speak with dreamers about their dream it’s a highlight for me. It’s why I love teaching so much.

This particular talk was scheduled for three hours and we were now a half hour over so I said, “Hey, it’s time to wrap this up so one last question.”

A very nice young woman in the back raised her hand and asked, “It’s clear you love what you do and have worked extremely hard over the years. My question is what do you do for fun, Mr. Jarrett?”

I thought for a moment then said, ”Well, when you love what you do you’re always working but it doesn’t feel like work. And when you love what you do it’s not easy to ever really turn it off but I understand what you’re asking so let’s see, what do I do for fun? For real fun?”

Big softball.

Easy question.

Should be an easy answer.

But it wasn’t and as I sat there I began to have a very surreal experience because I struggled to answer her. I mean I struggled to answer what I do “just for fun.”

I did manage to say something about “playing golf once in awhile and hanging with family and friends” then that was it, the talk was over, I got in my car and drove away. But as I drove on her question began to haunt me because the reason I couldn’t answer her was clear – I really didn’t do much fun “just for fun.”
Which means my life was waaaaay out of balance.

And I didn’t even know it.

And that is the negative side of loving what you do for your job. You are always “in it.” You’re always thinking about it, living it, reading about it, absorbed in it.


In a way it’s understandable because being an actor is so competitive that it feels like we’re never doing enough to move this rock up the hill. Combine that with actually loving what you’re doing and it can easily become quite consuming.

Can you relate?

Are you out of balance in any aspect of your life because of how much you’re giving to something else?
And what do you do for fun? I mean fuuuuun?

I think it’s a really important question for dreamers to keep asking themselves as we go after our dream. Otherwise we can get consumed by the very thing we want so much to have happen.

And that’s no good and that’s no fun.

And this is supposed to be fun – not just fun because we’re so blessed to be going after our calling and our dream, but LIFE is supposed to be fun.

I definitely need to create more fun in my life.

More balance.

How about you? What can you do today, this week to bring more fun and balance into your life?

Let me know by hitting reply or let us all know by going to our Artistic Family Facebook page and posting some fun, please!

I hope you have a wonderful week creating your dream and your life.

My very best,


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