This Is Something All Dreamers With A Dream Must Do

This Is Something All Dreamers With A Dream Must Do

Hey there,

Good morning and happy Sunday to you!

My daughter flies in from New York today for the Thanksgiving holidays. To say the least, I’m incredibly grateful to spend the next week with her.

She’s also coming with her boyfriend, Axel, and he’s another reason I’m extremely grateful because if you’re a father with a daughter then whoever is dating your kid better be extraordinary and Axel is all that and more.

I’m very grateful for Axel.

What are you grateful for on this beautiful Sunday morning? Take a big, deep breath and answer that please. It’s important and it feels really, really good.
I finished teaching late Monday night and had just crossed the Golden Gate Bridge when I saw a car fast approaching in my rearview mirror. I moved immediately to the middle lane because I was going 70mph so he had to be going over 100mph. Yet I still was able to see the face of a young kid as he went screaming by.

I thought the scary part was that he was fast approaching a very tight curve. But I was wrong. The scary part was that there was another car so tight on his bumper that I couldn’t even see it as they ripped by me. It was like they were literally connected as they headed into the turn.
Even though they both made it through the curve safely I had a horrible feeling about it all. In fact, I literally said out loud, “Call 911. These idiots are going to cause an accident.”

But I didn’t listen to my intuition or my advice.

Three miles later, I approached a wall of cars all stopped on the highway. I immediately smelled smoke, burnt rubber and gasoline. Whatever happened had just happened because it didn’t take long for me to get to the front. And what I saw made me sick.

There were at least eight cars smashed to pieces with debris all over the highway.

The driver of the car in the worst condition was clearly in shock as he tried to crawl out of his car. I immediately recognized him as the kid who had ripped by me just moments before.
I’ll spare you the gory details but he was a mess. Of course, it was upsetting to see him in this condition but even more upsetting were all the innocent victims sitting in there smashed up cars – all because these two idiots were driving like idiots.

But most upsetting of all was I could have done something – hell, I was TOLD to do something – and I didn’t. And because of my lack of action, several innocent people’s lives were forever changed.

I felt sick to my stomach.

For days.

And even as I write this I’m still upset with me.


In my lifetime I have had several instances of loud, clear moments of “strong intuition.”
I’ve always listened to them.

Except this time I didn’t and because of that there were real and serious consequences.

Why didn’t I listen? I still don’t know.

Why did it happen and what’s my lesson from it? To never again ignore such a strong moment of clarity and intuition.

Why am I sharing this with you? I’m sharing this to encourage you to always trust your gut. Now sometimes it’s not clear and when that happens I was once told the following advice, “If you don’t know what to do, if you’re not sure, then don’t do anything. Wait. And soon you’ll know.”

But if you DO know what to do and aren’t doing it, then there will be consequences.

Has your gut been talking to you lately about a certain situation, a relationship, a job, a move or some big change?

Are you listening?

Trust your gut.

I hope you have the most wonderful, safe, blessed Thanksgiving ever.

My very best to you,

P.S. And remember, there’s a world of difference between a fearful thought and intuition. A fearful thought will weaken you and intuition will make you feel strong 🙂