Nothing Can Happen Till You Move – How’s Your Dream Doing Today?

Nothing Can Happen Till You Move – How’s Your Dream Doing Today?

Hi there,
Good morning and happy Sunday to you!

You know what I’m grateful for today? I am grateful to finally take a moment to be grateful. I’ve had a busy week. It’s also been a tough week as I’m dealing with some news that’s pretty crummy. So as I sat down to begin this I realized I hadn’t really been present enough to be very grateful this week – until now. So I am incredibly grateful to do that now.

How about you? Where has your mind been this week? Have you been focusing on what your life is or what it isn’t? And in this moment as you read this, what one thing are you incredibly grateful for?
Take a moment. It’s worth it.


I have that question printed on the back of my business card. When I hand it out and people read it on the backside, they have one of two reactions. They either smile and tell me it’s going well or they put the card away very quickly and say nothing.

Most do the latter.

And that’s because most people are not living the life of their dreams. They’re living a life of survival.

I get it. I really do. And that’s another thing I am so incredibly grateful for – I am living the life of my dreams.

Last night at our school a lot of dreamers’ dreams are doing much better, too. That’s because they participated in our 8th Annual 24 Hour Film Festival. It’s one of our favorite events of the year for all kinds of reasons, but the biggest is a bunch of people who we care about very much got the chance to live the life of their dreams.

They made a film in 24 hours. They acted, directed, shot, edited, and barely slept – all in 24 hours – and together they made a film.

If you’re not familiar with the concept it goes like this: you form a team and at a designated time your team is sent a series of required elements. From the time you receive the elements, you then have 24 hours to make your film using every single one of these elements. Since you have no idea what the elements are going to be or whether you’re going to get a comedy or drama, there’s no way to begin making your film in advance – hence the 24 Hour Film Festival.

So at 6pm on Friday evening every team was sent the elements and away they went and 24 hours later the cast and crew from each film walked in bleary-eyed, handed us a flash drive with their “baby,” ate some food, had something to drink, and then sat back as we screened them all as part of the 8th Annual 24 Hour Film Festival.

The films were everything – some didn’t finish, some were messy, and some were really, really good (next Sunday I’ll share with you what those elements were along with a link to the winning films).
But that’s not the point or even important at all. What matters is they DID it. They faced their insecurities and fear, got off their butts, and made a movie.


Do you know how many people want to make a film, want to be in a film, and NEVER do?

They talk talk talk but never DO.

These dreamers did and man what a night in there. What a night of joy and happiness and giggles and empowerment!

You see it was a night full of dreamers living their dream.

How’s your dream doing?

What can you be doing to advance your dream today?

What scares you about your dream?

What intimidates you?

What overwhelms you?

And most importantly – what is your strategy for moving it forward?

I hope and pray you don’t give away another day of your life to fear.

You can DO it.

You deserve to do it.

I believe in you.

Do you?

My love and very best,

Here’s a few pictures of the fun!