The Late, Great Howard Meehan

The Late, Great Howard Meehan

I woke up Thursday morning to the news that a man I love with all my heart had passed away.

His name was Howard Meehan and he was too young not to be here anymore.

And his passing has broken my heart. 

This is me with Howard.

Everyone loved Howard Meehan. He made every room he walked into lighter, happier, better.

He was also much more than my dear friend. In my 30 years of teaching, Howard Meehan was also THE most gifted talent I have ever known.

His talent was so big he should have been a huge star. The world would have been better if he had been because more people would have been touched by his creative, artistic genius.

But he wasn’t a star. He wasn’t famous. He wasn’t any of that.

But he was an artistic genius.

And I am absolutely brokenhearted by his passing.

All I want to share with you this week is the gift of Howard Meehan. Below are two episodes from our web series Table One, that feature Howard.

Both of these will give you a glimpse into Howard’s enormous talent and my favorite thing – watching my dear friend – my artistic brother – the late, great Howard Meehan, working moment to moment like the force that he was.

My love and best to you all,