Q&A with you, part 2

Q&A with you, part 2

Thank you to each and every one of you who hung out with me last Saturday for our webinar. There were so many solid questions and I had a wonderful time answering them so again, thank you! And In case you missed it, here’s a recording of it – enjoy!

So, let’s continue with the survey questions and feedback. Someone asked this:

“If Sandy were alive today do you think he’d appreciate the acting work of this decade?”

Absolutely I do. The work has gotten so much better because there are so many amazing opportunities and outlets for actors TO work, to get discovered and to have a voice.

You have to understand that when I started no legitimate, serious actor did television and if they did, they did everything they could to hit it big, get off the series and parlay that into a film career.

That has ALL changed. Some of THE best acting and writing is now on television so that provides an outlet for more and more talented talent to play.

Also, because of all the blogs and TED Talks and online interviews etc, more and more acting teachings and information is shared throughout the world so more and more people are “rising up” because of that exchange.

What I’m saying is I believe the craft of acting has and the quality of acting has gotten better since I started while the profession has gotten worse and worse – and by profession I mean Hollywood. Sandy once said, “Any actor with standards has an arch-enemy. It’s called Hollywood. Which is just another word for greed, materialism. The only question in Hollywood is how much money will it make. And you live in a country where you’ll never be considered a successful actor unless people recognize you from some crappy television show. Then you’re a success. Well some of the most successful actors I’ve ever know you’ve never heard of and you never will. Think about that on the way to your Soap Opera audition” (I love Sandy!).

As always, thank you for your time and my very best to you,