What do you need to change to get great?

What do you need to change to get great?

Hi there,
Good morning and happy Sunday to you.

I’ve been sick most of the week and now I’m feeling better so I am extremely grateful for my health. If you experience any type of chronic pain then you certainly don’t take good health for granted, but sometimes I do and this week reminded me of how blessed I am to be so healthy.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

What aspect of your health are you grateful for this morning? I say pick one thing and really honor how blessed you are to have such wonderful health in this area.

So, I’ve been teaching the Meisner Technique for over 25 years now and one thing is for sure – if you go through this training you’ll be impacted in the most positive ways. That’s because at the core of the work is truly growing into your most grounded, authentic voice.

You are going to get louder and healthier and stronger and more empowered.

It really is life changing.

And because of that, this experience is going to impact every close relationship you’re in and if that relationship is healthy then it will only get healthier but if it’s not, then there’s going to be fallout.

And that may mean change.

And as we all know, change can be scary.


One of our former students just split up with her boyfriend of many years.

He told her she had changed too much since “that training.” He went on to say, “I want you to go back to being the way you were before all this.”

In other words, he wanted her to get back in her box because the way she was “before all this” was passive, insecure, timid, and small.

She is now confident, empowered and strong.

She’s also extremely talented and I know this – she isn’t ever going back inside that box.

Something has awoken in her and she wants to fly really high and really far.

And the best part is she believes she deserves it.  And she does.

So they split up.

And man, do I love and respect her courage. Her entire world just got turned upside down. It’s a very scary time and she’s facing major changes. Yet she’d rather jump through the window of uncertainty than stay stuck in the room of mediocrity.

She’s my hero of the week.

And she knows who she is!


My Vincent shows ended last weekend and something that really strikes a chord with the audience is what a beautiful love story it is between these two brothers, Theo and Vincent.

It hits me hard too because my life/career/dream (how cool they are all one) would not be possible if it weren’t for the support of my “inner-circle.”

I honestly would not be here if it weren’t for them and I know that every person who sees you, gets you, believes in you and your dream is sacred to a dreamer.

No exaggeration.

Sacred.  And I am blessed to have many sacred believers.

How is your inner-circle? Do they believe in you? Get you? Honor you? Support you?

Do they want you to truly fly? To be great and grand and your loudest, biggest, best version of YOU?

If you answered yes, please stop reading this and go hug them or call them (no texts!) and tell them how grateful you are for their love and support.

You are blessed with sacredness.

And if the person closest to you doesn’t get you or believe in you and your dreams then you really have two questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to settle?
  • Am I going to fly?

One requires courage the other requires a willingness to be ok with being just ok.

I’ve shared this before but one of my favorite Dalai Lama quotes is this: “I don’t always know what’s right or wrong but I always know what feels good.”

Me too.

And you too as well.

I say we fly.

To the moon.

I really do believe in you.

Do you?

My love and best,