How do you stop caring what people think?

How do you stop caring what people think?

So, I love this quote from Sandy. It’s important what he’s saying. I can not tell you how many people told me that I would never make it as an actor because I was starting out too late in life (age 29).

Thank God I listened to me, my gut, and my heart instead of very well-intentioned people.

And by the way, if one person’s comment can crush your dream, that should tell you something – either you don’t want it bad enough and/or you are not healthy enough to even begin going after this – whatever “this” is.

You MUST believe in YOU and your dream and you MUST be able and willing to march forward in spite of what anyone says or thinks.

How are doing with this?
Are you in?
Are you committed?
Are you congruent?
Are you healthy, empowered, and resilient with all of your fears, insecurities, and outside “noise” about what you really should be doing with your life?

If so, beautiful. Go crush this day and this week.

If not, what is your strategy for solving this?
If not, what is one thing you can begin to do TODAY to get healthier?

Again, if I can help you in any way, just hit reply.

OK, we are going to get back to basics for the next few weeks so below are several “things to help you and your dreams.”

I hope they do.

My very to you,