Looking for miracles

Looking for miracles

My goodness what a blessed week! I hope yours was the same.

So this week I want to share something with you that actually came from one of you.

If you are a member of our private group on Facebook then you may have seen a post from Kate Sachen.

But before I talk about that, first a story.

Years ago I went for a drive with a friend who was not doing well. He was struggling with finances and extremely stressed about it.

He talked and I did my best to listen.

I offered him a loan but he didn’t want to “borrow from a friend.” I said, “Then forget a loan. Take this” and handed him some cash.

He wouldn’t take that either.

I tried to convince him that’s what friends are for but his pride wouldn’t allow it.

As we were heading back to my place he asked if we could stop by the post office so he could check his mail. “Of course” and I pulled in.

He was in there for quite a bit and when he came out he was crying.

My mind raced with all that could have happened in there. As he got into the car he looked at me and with tears streaming down his face he said, “I’ve had so many miracles happen in my life I’m embarrassed I don’t have more faith.”

He then handed me a letter from his Grandmother which read, “I know you’ve been struggling lately so hopefully this will help. I love you.”

There was also a check for $5,000.

I’ve been going after my dreams for thirty years now and I too have had so many “miracles” happen along the way. And I too am embarrassed I don’t have more faith (but I am getting MUCH better actually – both with my faith and actually expecting miracles).

If you’re a former Catholic like me the word “miracle” typically has grander implications than a check showing up out of nowhere.

But if you’re a dreamer going after your dream – miracles come in all shapes and sizes.

So back to Kate. This is what she posted:
“Just wanted to share a thing:

I was having a pretty rough night at work tonight, but at around midnight, two gentlemen came in who were particularly sweet. They loved the food and asked me a lot of odd personal questions about myself. They both had English accents. I asked what they were in town for, and the younger of the two pointed to the older and said “he just did a show at the Masonic Lodge” and then they both started laughing.

Turns out, the older gentleman was Tom Jones.

There was no one else in the restaurant, and so they invited me to sit with them. We talked for nearly an hour about my dreams and what it’s like to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Tom gave me some really great advice. He stressed how important it is to have a clear vision of your dream—to know exactly what you want to do and to never lose sight of it. Oh sure, you may have to make compromises on the way, but if you go wholeheartedly for your dream like an arrow to a bullseye, you can make it. He said it’s important to know exactly, specifically, what you want to accomplish in order to accomplish it; and he said no matter what, never give up, or you’ll be on your deathbed wondering what life would’ve been like, if only you’d tried. Thank you Tom Jones! Here’s to the ones who dream!”

First of all, for some of you younger people who have NO idea who Tom Jones is I can tell you when I was a kid he was an absolute SUPERSTAR.

The Beatles
Tom Jones.

Seriously. He was huge.

In fact, there was a time when his show was literally the most popular thing on television.


So what happened to Kate would be the equivalent of it being fifty years from now and instead of Tom Jones it’s Beyonce playing some small club in San Francisco coming in for a late night dinner and sharing some advice to a young dreamer about what it takes to go after your dreams.

So if you’re a dreamer with a dream who has to deal with big time fears and insecurities and doubts and frustrations and struggles and sacrifices, this is much more than a beautiful story.

It’s miracle

I’m serious.

If you’re a dreamer then what happened to Kate is a flat-out miracle.

How about you? Did you have any dreamer’s miracles this week?

If so, let us know what happened. It will inspire the rest of us just as Kate’s story did. So again, if you’re a member of our private group on Facebook GO HERE and if not GO HERE and we’ll add you.

I’ll see you next week so until then my very best,