Q&A with you, part 3

Q&A with you, part 3

As always, thank you for taking a moment out of your day to spend some time with me. I always appreciate it.

If you’re a consistent reader you know I sent out a survey recently and the feedback was wonderful. I also received lots of questions so each week I’m trying to answer some of them. Here are two for this week:

“Have you ever had times of self-sabotage and what pulls you through when you do?”

Absolutely I have. And my experience is anyone who goes after anything that is “scary/intimidating/daunting/overwhelming” is going to have to deal with self-sabotage.

Why is that? Because we only rise up to the level we believe we deserve.

And so if things are going really well in your life, I mean exceptionally well and then you have this thought, “Uh oh, things are actually going too well. I wonder when the other shoe is going to drop,” – I can guarantee that self-sabotage is right around the corner.

The real question is, how good can you stand it? What do you – at your core – believe you deserve? And whatever your answer is, that IS that life you will attract and create.

So what “pulls me through” is I keep working on becoming THE healthiest, most empowered version of me. And when I do that, I won’t tolerate self-sabotage.

Make sense? I hope so.

Question #2 – –

“When can we get together over a few beers and decide how the Giants are going to do this season?”

This one is easy. The Giants will finish in last place in the West. AGAIN. And whoever asked this question reach out to me when the season is over and if I’m wrong, beers are on me!

As always, thank you for your time and my very best to you,