No Retreat, No Surrender

No Retreat, No Surrender

So I’d like to share something very interesting that happened this week.

My screenplay was rejected by another film festival. I won’t say the name of it but honestly, it’s not even a very good festival.

I feel like a got dumped by a loser. Which made me feel like an even bigger loser.

This is a picture of me right after I read the rejection email.

And I’m hardly kidding.

I literally said to myself, “That’s it. I’m done trying to move this project forward. It’s been three years now and nothing but rejection, feeling discouraged, and frustration. I’m tired of having my hopes crushed and my heart broken over and over. I done. I quit.”

And I meant it. I was DONE.

And then something very cool happened. One of our beautifully talented Studio Members, Steve Lee got up and sang a Bruce Springsteen song – No Retreat. No Surrender.

When Steve finished he had literally healed my pain, frustration, and struggle.

I then picked myself up, dusted myself off, and decided to keep going, to keep fighting. All because of this beautiful artist sharing his art and his talent with me.

Thank you, Steve.

Is there a part of your dream you’ve given up on? Is there something in your life you wanted to do but stopped doing it because it got too hard? Too difficult. Too painful?

I understand.

So one more question. Which pain is greater for you – giving up on a dream or trying and failing?

I say no retreat. No surrender.

Let me know what you think please. I’d love to hear from you. Until then my very best to you,