What one thing is holding me back from my dreams? (part 2)

What one thing is holding me back from my dreams? (part 2)

Well, clearly last week’s newsletter struck a nerve.

In case you missed it, I asked, “What simple habit in your life is taking away from where you want to go? Not some big change/huge overhaul but instead, what one, little thing do you do that if you eliminated it, your life would instantly be better?”

Key word – LITTLE.

“Too much coffee.”
“Not enough sleep.”
“Going to sleep with the TV on.”
“Checking my phone too much.”
“On social media too much.”
“Crappy breakfast.”
“No breakfast.”
“Fast food and junk food.”

… it went on and on. And they were wonderful!

For me it was listening to sports talk radio for my two hour daily commute instead of my library of brilliant podcasts and Audible books.

I love sports and recently I had gotten into the habit of listening to these talking heads yammer on about stuff that quite honestly DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL.

I knew it was not serving me. I knew it was actually taking away from me and where I wanted to go, and I also knew it was something I could easily address even though it had become a “pattern/habit.”

So I changed and did something different.

Uhhhhh, stunning actually.

I did not listen to one second of sports talk radio this last week. Instead all I listened to were my podcasts and the difference in my week was dramatic.

If you want to commit to cutting out something that’s holding you back, I invite you to join me!

My very best,