Finding and building your artistic family

Finding and building your artistic family

Sanford Meisner often talked about the importance of finding and building your artistic family. He knew all too well that, to go after one’s dreams, it was critical to surround one’s self with those “who get you and who believe in you.”

I am incredibly blessed after 30 years of going after my dreams to have found many people who believe in me and who get me – my “artistic family.”

And Sandy was right, I have needed them when I have gotten overwhelmed by “it all.”

Meet two incredible members of my artistic family, Eamon Harrington and John Watkin of Planet Grande Pictures.
My Artistic Family
Eamon and John have been working together for over twenty-five years. During that time they have won eight Emmy awards as producers of documentary films and television series.

They are creative, talented studs.

We met because my agent at William Morris Endeavor thought we should meet regarding an idea I had. He represented them too so setting a meeting was easy and the next day, I drove out to Malibu for a 3:00pm meeting that was scheduled to last thirty minutes.

We talked about my idea (a reality show documenting our students as they went through the genius of Sanford Meisner’s training) and within minutes they made it better.

I shared some other ideas I had and they loved them as well.

Our thirty minute meeting lasted three hours. As I drove away, I felt something only a dreamer deep into their dream could understand – enormous gratitude. I met two people who got me, understood me, saw me, and believed in me.

And I felt the exact same way about them.

We tried to sell two different versions of what we created together (I’ve shared the pitch videos below if you’d like to check them out).

Eight years later, neither idea has sold.

Maybe someday we will sell one of these shows.
Or maybe these shows will evolve into something else for us.

Or maybe we’ll never work professionally together.

I really don’t care because I got something better than any paycheck or success from a hit show – I met two members of my artistic family.

I love John and Eamon and I am better because of them.

Their friendship and support is priceless to me.

That is the gift of having a dream and finding people who truly get you and believe in you – the gift of building your artistic family.

Who believes in YOU and your dreams? No matter how many people believe in you, you are lucky to have them, so today let them know that. They’ll love hearing from you, I am positive of it.

And for what it’s worth, I consider you a part of my artistic family as well. So thank you for spending another Sunday with me.

As always, thank you for your time and my very best to you,