Q&A with you, part 1

Q&A with you, part 1

When I asked if there was anything you wanted to ask me there were some wonderful response. I will answer one every week in the order they came to me. Here’s the very first with my answers inline:

Dear Jim – I’ve been thinking about this since Sunday… What is/are your fear(s) as an actor at this stage in your career?
It’s not really a fear but the first thing that came to mind was that I won’t accomplish all that I want to accomplish with the time I have left in my life. I have so many dreams and things that I want to do and so that’s in my head and heart these days.

How have these changed over time? Or not?
Well, when I started I never even thought time was running out so the fears were different 30 years ago when I began. And honestly, I didn’t have big fears even then except when my daughter was born. Then I definitely stressed about whether I would be able to provide for her and my family while going after this. And there were some very lean, tough years but looking back I wish I’d known everything was going to be ok so I could have relaxed more.

If you could give yourself advice in different stages of your career, what would you say?
At the beginning – relax. Work hard of course (which I did to a fault) but RELAX and enjoy the journey more.

Other stages along the way – well there are too many different stages to address here but honestly, it’s the same for every stage – relax and enjoy it ALL.

Advice for your student-self?
I promise someday you will be able to do this so just keep working hard and be patient.

Advice for your newly-graduated-self?
Same as above.

Advice for your young actor with some work underneath your belt-self?
Trust your gut and don’t wait for Hollywood to give you your career. Go create it. Take control of your dream, become President/CEO of your dream and go get it.

Advice for your in-demand-self?
Gratitude and service are the ONLY reasons you’re doing this so be grateful.

Advice for yourself now?
Same as above – so thank you thank you thank you.

OK, more next week and below are few more things I hope will help you. As always, thank you for your time and my very best to you,