What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear?

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Good morning. It’s Sunday which means I get to spend another day with you so I’m very grateful for that and what I’m most grateful for is your feedback so please feed back!

What are you grateful for on this beautiful morning?

Today I’d like to talk about fear.

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I want to talk about fear because if you’re an actor you DO have big dreams and going after those dreams can be very scary, very intimidating, and that produces fear. And if you don’t deal with it, you will quit on your dreams.

Sanford Meisner once said, “Everyone has a dream but most people aren’t pursuing it. That’s not a criticism. It’s just that the fear is too much so they don’t do it, which leads to a safe and fairly mediocre life.”

Fear kills dreams so if you have big dreams you must transcend your fears or you’ll be one of those people who are actually tormented by the very thing that should make you the happiest.

The best definition I ever heard about fear was this: “Fear is the emotional rehearsal of a negative outcome.”   And considering how powerful our thoughts are, it’s no wonder we often produce the very result we don’t want.

Fear is a topic I am extremely passionate about because after 28 years of going after my dreams, I’ve had to deal with many of my “fears.”  In fact, I’ve found the more I dream, the bigger I dream, the more I can scare the hell out of myself.

The Only Way Out Is Through

This quote has always resonated with me and it’s one of my favorites when it comes to fear because when fear comes up we have two clear choices – to deal with it in a healthy way or an unhealthy way. And the only way out is through:

  • Fear without knowledge is amplified
  • Fear without a plan is debilitating
  • Fear without a goal is endless

My goal, my plan for fear is balance.  And I don’t mean a little balance. I mean a LOT.  I mean a daily routine of drinking in the best of what works for me to balance fear out.

For me, that starts with morning prayers and meditation.  Then I read the words of people whose lives I admire greatly.  Next I work out for an hour and a half and then I eat a wonderful, healthy breakfast.

And most importantly for me, I don’t go near my phone until all this is completed.

By having this balance in place BEFORE I start my day, I’m able to use my fears that come up to inform me but not guide me.

Also, by addressing my fears in advance I’m rooted in this mantra, “I feel you, fear, and I’m still moving forward.”

One Thing I Know For Sure

The story of the life you choose to go after is much more interesting than the excuses you have for not trying.

What are your greatest fears as an actor? A dreamer? A human being?

How are you addressing them? Are you choosing healthy or unhealthy ways?

What’s your plan? Is it working or do you need a new one?

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I hope you have a beautiful, fearless Sunday.