I am grateful for you

I am grateful for you

I hope this finds you doing beautifully this morning.

We just shut down our school for the holiday break so I am on vacation at one of my favorite spots on earth – the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.

And as I type this I’m staring out at this beautiful ocean from an amazing view (this is my blessed office this morning!), counting my blessings and so incredibly grateful for this time in my life.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is our students. We have some amazingly courageous, beautiful dreamers at our school and it is an absolute privilege to help them advance their dreams.

In fact, teaching has become a highlight in my creative life.

The toughest part of teaching is that every three months we graduate another class which means every three months we have to say goodbye to another class of incredible people.

Last week we graduated one of THE best classes in my 28 years of teaching. By best I don’t mean one of the most talented (they were), one of the most professional (they were), or one of the hardest working (they were as well).

By best I mean the way they treated each other.
The way they handled their conflicts with each other.
The way they forgave each other.
The way they helped each other.

And because of all this and more, what they became as a class.

One of my favorite teachings of Sanford Meisner’s deals with this very topic:

“All actors have big egos, that’s one of the reasons they act but if the ego is not for the purpose of revealing something bigger than yourself, then it ruins it.
My entire approach to the craft of acting is rather simple – it’s not about you yet so many of you think of yourself and the effect you’re producing. Never give up the notion that to be something very good is better and bigger than you even though it’s made out of you.

Simplicity and artistic humility is tough to come by, but once it’s learned, it’s worth it.

If you’re a dreamer it’s not easy finding your Artistic Family – the people who “get” you, support you and believe in you.
When you do find them, It’s also incredibly important to nurture them, honor them, protect them, and do everything you can to support them as well.

How’s your Artistic Family doing these days? What can you be doing to help each other as you go after what others feel/believe is crazy, impossible, silly, foolish, naive, irresponsible?

You are part of my Artistic Family and I am part of yours as well. My hope every week is to share something that helps you in some small way to get closer to your dreams and the life you want and deserve.

I value you.
I value your time.
I appreciate you and I’m grateful for you.

My very best aloha to you