Can I walk the walk?

Can I walk the walk?

Life is so funny.

Sometimes that means “hah hah” funny. Other times it means, “Hold on, you’re about to get your ass handed to you” funny”

Not so funny while it’s happening but if you can embrace it, it becomes quite amusing actually.

Last week I headed to LA to meet with Producers to pitch two films and a series for network television. I’ve been working on these projects for the last several years and working to set these meetings for the last six months.

To say the least, I’ve been looking forward to this swing of the bat for some time.

Prior to heading down, I’d been fighting this wicked cold.

When I arrived for the meeting, the restaurant was PACKED which meant it was REALLY loud. That, combined with the fact that I’ve been losing my voice because of this cold, led to one of the strangest, most humbling meetings in my career.


Within two minutes I couldn’t speak. My voice literally went out.

That’s funny – go to a pitch meeting and you can’t talk much less pitch.

And the more I tried the worse it got so my partner – who was there because one of the films we co-wrote together – ended up pitching all three projects on my behalf.

The meeting ended and as I got in my car I sat there for several minutes – not sure whether to laugh or cry.

So I did a little of both.

And then something really wonderful happened.

One of my three words for this year is surrender. So I began to surrender to how I wanted it to go, how I thought it should go, and how it actually went.

And the more I did, the better I felt.

Finally (it took a good ten minutes), I began to giggle about it all and since then, we’ve heard back and there seems to be some nice interest in spite of the worst pitch-meeting in the history of Hollywood.

But that’s not the point and that’s not why I’m sharing this with you. I’m sharing this with you to simply check in and ask you, how are you doing with your three words so far? Are they serving you? Are you embracing them and using them or are they just three words on a piece of paper? If so, I believe if you’ll get them off your paper and into you some amazing stuff begins to happen.

I hope you have an amazing, blessed week.

My very best to you,