This One Is A Surprise

This One Is A Surprise

Good morning and happy Sunday to you,

I just spent a month in Hawaii on vacation and I am soooooooo incredibly grateful that I was excited to come home because as I stood at the gate getting ready to board the plane most everyone else looked miserable about where they were headed – “home.”

I’m incredibly blessed and I know it and I am grateful that I do.

How about you? What are you grateful for on this beautiful Sunday morning?

Reeeeeeeeeeaaaallllly grateful for? If you’re struggling you can always start with your health – there’s so much to be grateful for there!


Yesterday I had the honor of hanging out with a lot of you for a video teaching. The topic was all about creating your breaks, your career, your dreams, and the life you truly desire and want.

IT was all about creating your own ‘good luck.”

This all started several newsletters ago when I brought up the topic of “luck.” As I mentioned last week I received such a strong response from all of you that I decided to give a teaching on what I’ve learned about “good luck, good fortune, good blessings” in my 30 years of going after my dreams.

If you missed the teaching you can still get a copy of it by registering with me at jim@meisnerstudio.com.

RISK = SETBACKS (sometimes)

A dear friend of mine’s movie opened this last weekend and he is incredibly disappointed. It’s a huge blockbuster that the critics hated and most of his work is cut out of it.

He’s really, really bummed.

I didn’t raise the $1 million I needed to shoot my film this month so now I’ll have to wait until next summer to shoot it as I don’t have the window of time needed to do it while I’m teaching.

And my plan B didn’t work either.

I’m really, really bummed too.

What have you gone after lately that didn’t happen that really bummed you out?


I have fallen down many times in my career.


And many more times in my life.

Many, many more.

One quality I possess that is an absolute strength is my resiliency – my ability to take a hit and come back better, stronger, and wiser.

And this quality has lead to many “lucky breaks” in my career and life as well.

The question I ask myself when I either fall down or get knocked down is, “Now what are you going to do, Jim?”

I love that little question because it puts it all on me. I own it and by owning it, it allows me take action and do something about it.

It’s incredibly empowering.

How about you? What have you gone after lately and life either said “No” or “Not even close” or “Forget it”?

Was it an audition?

A meeting with an agent?

Or maybe a personal relationship?

A job you really wanted?

Or an apartment you really wanted?

How did you deal with it?

And the really tough one’s to own and recover from are when life not only says “No” but it feels like it “screwed us over” – a bad break-up, a betrayal, an unjust firing.

A screw job.

How’d you deal with that “No?”

Now what are you going to do about it?

The easiest thing to do is blame others because we DID get screwed so we play the victim and wrap ourselves in a blanket of hurt, anger, pity, and injustice.

And we may wallow in that for quite some time sometimes but the way out of hell is that little question, “Now what am I going to do?”

Sometimes the answer is, “I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing which is staying right here and being right.”


Your choice.

But it is your choice.

You may argue, “You don’t understand. Life was very unfair to me and I WAS screwed over and I AM right.”


Stay there.

Your choice.

But when you’re ready to move forward ask yourself, “Now what am I going to do?” and you won’t believe the power that comes from that.

When you own you can move through it and be better for it.

I’m a dreamer going after my dreams which means there are going to be setbacks, roadblocks, and sometimes flat-out, “no’s.”

The Dalai Lama once said, Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

I didn’t get what I wanted. I didn’t raise $1 million to shoot my film this summer so now I’m going to raise $1 million dollars and shoot it next summer instead.

Now what are YOU going to do?

Please know how much I appreciate you and your time every week so until next week, my very best to you.