Thank YOU For Helping ME!

Thank YOU For Helping ME!

Hey there,

Good morning and happy Sunday to you!

I am so incredibly grateful for so much this week.

First and foremost, if you read last week’s newsletter you know I asked for any help you could provide in finding my daughter a place to live in New York City. Well the response was overwhelming and because of this beautiful artistic family, she now has so many wonderful leads and people back there offering to help. I am positive she’s going to find something right away that is safe, reasonable, and wonderful – all because of YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so grateful for your kindness, friendship, and support.
And on Friday morning – after six months here with me – my daughter packed up her Mini and headed to New York and I am so incredibly grateful that I got to spend the last six months with my her. In fact, as Kyla drove away and all the tears that I was determined not to burden her with came pouring out of me I literally dropped to my knees in gratitude that I got to have this window of time with my kid. I don’t know if it will ever happen again in my lifetime that I will be able to be with my daughter for this amount of time and man, I am incredibly grateful that it happened.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, actually. Can ya tell?!!!

(And there she goes! As tough as this was this is a moment that I will never forget for as long as I live)

What are you grateful for this week? What blessed, wonderful thing(s) happened for you? I’m not just asking to be asking. I’m asking because I really want to know. But even if you don’t reach back and share it with me, please do it for you. It’s important to do.

It really, really is.

What are you grateful for?


We reopened our school this last week and what a week it was. As I walked into classrooms filled with people who just started, classrooms filled with people entering their last session, and everything in between, I was struck by something – the incredible courage these dreamers of ours have.

You see to study with us is a tremendous commitment of time, energy, and resources. It is extremely demanding program that requires a great deal of sacrifice and for what? To go after something most everyone thinks is foolish, impossible, crazy and/or all of the above?

But there they were this week, sitting in their classes staring back at me full of such courage, passion, hope, and desire for the wildest dreams to come true.

You know what else they were full of?


They have lots and lots of fears about going after this and yet – and this is the really cool part – in spite of those fears, here they were this week, showing up, demanding more and wanting more for themselves and their lives.

Man, are they something.

I have such deep respect and admiration for each and every one of them.


There are a lot of keys to making our dreams come true but I have found these two are critical:

  1. To go after “impossible” you MUST believe in yourself 1000%
  2. You MUST be able to hang in there when there’s no reason to believe and to do that you MUST rock solid.


Not perfect but my goodness, you must be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually solid to not quit when it gets extra tough, extra scary, extra uncertain, extra impossible.

We lost a few students over the summer break. Some we didn’t invite to return, some left for personal reasons, and some quit because their dream was starting to get real which meant they may have to do some things soon that would require real change – moving, leaving bad relationships, quitting their jobs and for some, all of the above.

All that change can be terrifying if you are not rock solid.

How’s your foundation these days?

What changes do you know you need to make that are scaring you?

What is the worst thing that could happen if you made those changes and took that leap?

What’s the worst thing to happen if you don’t?

Fear kills dreams.

It does.

So the healthier you are the higher you’ll fly.

I say let’s fly.

To the moon and back.

On Friday, in spite of those fears, my daughter packed up her car and drove straight into her fears and I am so incredibly proud of her.

Go Kyla!

Go you!

Go every single one of us!

I hope you have an incredible week being a dreamer and turning all your fears into knowledge and wisdom to help you fly as far as possible.

My love and very best to you,